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Woman Builds Midcentury Home for Her Cats Using Old Boxes

Meet Huckleberry and Floyd, two black cats who are first-time homeowners, thanks to their human who custom-built a cat condo just for their enjoyment.
Gentry Sanders, who lives in Seattle with her two cats, loves DIY projects, houseplants and graphic design.
She also adores her kitties, even when they are rambunctious and chasing catnip in and out of rooms like a small dust devil.
“Every day, stuff is being knocked over, things are broken, they just love playing,” Sanders told The Dodo.

Like many cats, Huckleberry and Floyd enjoy playing with the classic cardboard box — an activity that will keep them entertained over and over again.
Noticing how much time the cats spent napping and playing in cardboard, Sanders got the idea to build a midcentury-style house for her furry loves.
“I figured I could just use the boxes to make something cute since they were always sitting out in my house,” Sanders said. “I love midcentury style and figured, ‘Why not a midcentury house?’”
Naturally, the curious cats were paws-on during the construction, making sure to lay all over the building materials as Sanders got to work.
“I can’t do anything in my house without them being involved in it,” Sanders said.
“They loved the cutting of the cardboard because they got to lay on it and chew it. Surprisingly, they left me alone when I painted but I purposefully planned that during their afternoon nap time.”

When the paint was dry and Sanders was ready to unveil the new home, she was a bit worried that her cats would be unimpressed. Perhaps they would prefer not to move in, opting instead for a plain old cardboard box.
But Sanders’ uncertainty was soon put to rest as she watched her cats inspect their new home with delight.
“They immediately were all over it, and Floyd put his catnip banana inside and started chewing on it,” Sanders said.
The house has been a hit, with both cats enjoying it in their own ways.
“Since then, Huck sleeps in it all the time while I am working,” Sanders said. “Floyd either sleeps in it or works on tearing apart his catnip toys. I am honestly surprised how much they love it.”
Sanders documented the building process of the “Mid Century Meow-nor” for her blog, The Green Mad House.

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