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Antifa Tough Guy Takes Landlord to Court, Turns Out It's His Grandma

A leftist tough guy’s lawsuit attempting to stick it to “the man” is turning out to be less of a heroic class struggle than originally hinted now that information about one of the defendants has surfaced.
The aggrieved tenant, Austin Goodrich, originally filed his lawsuit with a Portland, Oregon-based federal court on April 22.
The suit names only two companies in an accusation of privacy invasion over an “Unauthorized Inspection of Coronavirus Stimulus Check” — TLC Bookkeeping
and Tax Prep Inc., and 2275 W Burnside LLC.
In his suit, Goodrich claims his landlord used personal information to track the status of his stimulus check on the Internal Revenue Service website.
Screen shots posted publicly by the tenant appear to show his landlord admitting to accessing the IRS website using private information.
For Goodrich, a member of the nominally anti-fascist group Cascadian Resistance, it may have seemed like the perfect opportunity to strike at the American rental system.
In an email to the Portland Mercury, Goodrich appeared to present himself as the hero of the working man, taking the fight to the landlord class.
“It is the time of tenants right now,” Goodrich wrote, “and it is time we put our foot down against these injustices we experience nearly every day.”
That tough guy statement would soon crumble as new information about the case surfaced.
What wasn’t mentioned in the legal document and early reporting is the familial connection between Goodrich and TLC Bookkeeping and Tax Prep Inc., a company owned and operated not by some nebulous capitalist group, but by Goodrich’s own grandmother.
After news about Goodrich’s grandma broke, stories were updated to reflect new information in the tangled case.
In an email to the Portland Mercury, Goodrich claimed that he doesn’t have a personal relationship with his father’s mom.
While the exact nature of the family’s internal relationships is unclear, new details are sure to come forward as this court case proceeds.
This isn’t Goodrich’s first stand for a leftist cause.
The Post Millennial reported that Goodrich’s group, Cascadian Resistance, worked to shut down a College Republicans event being held at Portland State University.
At the event, Goodrich allegedly helped block technical equipment.
Now, instead of facing down college-age conservatives, Goodrich’s recent court case gives him a much easier target: a property management company headed by his own grandmother.

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