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Charges against Breonna Taylor's boyfriend dropped in shooting of officer serving no-knock warrant

He was charged with attempted murder of a police officer

A judge on Tuesday officially dismissed charges against Kenneth Walker, the boyfriend of Breonna Taylor, who shot a Louisville police officer who was serving a no-knock warrant at Taylor's home for a drug investigation in March, WAVE-TV reported.

Walker had been charged with attempted murder of a police officer and first-degree assault after shooting Louisville Metropolitan Police Officer Jon Mattingly one time in the leg. Mattingly recovered from his injury after surgery. Taylor was shot eight times and killed, and police found no drugs in the home.

Walker's side of the story: Walker told investigators he heard a banging on the door of Taylor's home after midnight and believed it was a home invasion. By the time he started moving toward the door, Walker said, the officers were already busting it open. He fired one shot, still not knowing they were police officers (they were plainclothes officers). Walker said he fired downward because he was not intending to kill anyone

"I don't need to kill anybody if I can just get you out of here," Walker said, the outlet reported.
Walker reportedly told police initially that it was Taylor who had fired at them, but that he only did that out of fear. Walker is a legal gun owner who was not named on the warrant.
Mattingly's side of the story: Officer Mattingly, who was accompanied by two other officers, said they knocked several times and announced themselves as police before ramming the door. Mattingly said when he got through the door he was immediately faced with Walker aiming a gun at him and firing.
Mattingly said after he was hit he fired four shots. He said the officers expected Taylor to be at home alone when they served the warrant.
What's next? The prosecutor in the case, Commonwealth's Attorney Tom Wine, filed the motion to have the charges dropped, but indicated that Walker could be charged again if additional evidence is uncovered during the investigation. He said more evidence should've been presented to the grand jury.
"I believe that additional investigation is necessary," Wine said, WAVE reported. "I believe the independent investigation ... must be completed before we go forward with any prosecution of Kenneth Walker."
Wine also said Walker would be given the opportunity to testify if he wishes.

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