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Dennis Rodman reveals Kim Jong Un clue that indicates ‘something is wrong’

Dennis Rodman reveals Kim Jong Un clue that indicates ‘something is wrong’
Dennis Rodman has revealed that the world will know “something is wrong” with his pal Kim Jong Un — if the despot’s sister starts getting more face time on TV.
The former Detroit Pistons forward said that he had been in touch with North Korea following speculation that the dictator, whom he befriended during a 2013 trip to Pyongyang, was either gravely ill or died after a botched heart surgery, Metro UK reported.
“I do have communications with North Korea, but I can say this, though: If you see his sister on TV, running the country, now you know something is wrong, that’s all I’m going give you,” Rodman, 58, told “Good Morning Britain” host Piers Morgan, according to the report.
In an interview earlier this month, Rodman praised Kim’s sister, Kim Yo Jong, who is said to have been lined up to replace the leader.
“His sister was a sweetheart,” Rodman told The Post. “She was very kind to me when [I was a] guest.”
Rodman said at the time that he believed that Kim was still alive, saying his rumored health ordeal “probably wasn’t much.”
North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un and former NBA basketball player Dennis Rodman hug in Pyongyang
“I’ve been to dinner with dignitaries there that were reported to be dead here,” Rodman told The Post. “I don’t believe North Korean news until I hear it from their side. I think the fact that they keep to themselves, in many ways, gives the media the ability to run with rumors at times.”
North Korean state media released photos earlier this month of Kim’s appearance at a ceremony for the completion of a fertilizer plant in Suncheon, South Pyongan Province, to debunk the rumors of his death.

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