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Live Updates: COVID-19 Death Toll in Russia Rises to 1,169

Live Updates: COVID-19 Death Toll in Russia Rises to 1,169
Paramedics bring a 52-year old patient into the emergency area of the Regional General Hospital No. 66 of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS), as the spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) continues in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico
The pandemic has claimed over 233,000 lives across the world, with the total number of infected reaching 3,257,000, according to Johns Hopkins University. The United States remains the most affected nation, with over a million confirmed cases and at least 63,000 fatalities. New York is the worst-hit city in the world.
The number of infected across the globe continues to rise despite the social distancing measures and quarantines imposed by most countries. There are eight countries with over 100,000 confirmed cases - the United States, Spain, Italy, France, the UK, Germany, Turkey, and Russia, which has recently joined this list.
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  • 10:06

    Number of COVID-19 Cases in Indonesia Surpasses 10,500

    MOSCOW (Sputnik) - Indonesia has confirmed 433 new cases of COVID-19, bringing the total number of patients to 10,551, the Health Ministry said on Friday.
    According to the ministry's update, the death toll is at 800 after another eight fatalities have been registered. The number of recoveries has increased by 69 to 1,591.
    In late March, President Joko Widodo declared a health emergency to halt the spread of COVID-19, which was extended in April until 29 May.
  • 09:45

    Number of Coronavirus Cases in Armenia Grows to 2,148, Deaths Up to 33

  • 09:36

    Iran Reports 6,091 Fatalities From COVID-19

  • 09:20

    Bulgaria Registers 53 New COVID-19 Cases, Total Reaches 1,541

  • 09:13

    WHO Says It Wants Invitation to Participate in China's Virus Investigation

    This picture taken on April 24, 2020 shows a sign of the World Health Organization (WHO) in Geneva next to their headquarters, amid the COVID-19 outbreak, caused by the novel coronavirus

    WHO Says It Wants Invitation to Participate in China's Virus Investigation

    World Health Organisation (WHO) representative in China Gauden Galea told Sky News earlier in the day that Beijing had refused to let the WHO join the investigation into causes of the COVID-19 outbreak.
  • 08:45

    More Than 30,000 People Fined in Moscow Over COVID-19 Lockdown Violations

  • 08:36

    Estonia Reports 1,694 Coronavirus Cases

  • 08:25

    Boris Johnson Confirms UK is Past the Peak of Pandemic

  • 08:15

    Number of Infected in Philippines Rises to 8,772, Death Toll Reaches 579

  • 08:02

    Number of Israel's COVID-19 Cases Exceeds 16,000, Death Toll at 223

    TEL AVIV (Sputnik) - The total number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Israel has risen to 16,004, with 58 registered overnight and the death toll has increased by one to 223, the Health Ministry said on Friday.
    The number of recoveries grew by 197 people, bringing the total to 8,758. The number of people in critical condition stands at 105, with 83 of them being in need of lung ventilation treatment.
    The number of active COVID-19 cases has decreased to 7,023 as of Friday morning.
  • 07:48

    Heathrow CEO Says Virgin Atlantic May Go Bust as UK Cabinet Not Supporting Aviation Sector

    "It is disappointing that the UK government stands out globally as being one of the few countries not to be supporting its aviation sector", Chief Executive John Holland-Kaye told Reuters.
    "I think it comes back to a lack of understanding perhaps of just how vital aviation is to the rest of the economy... The Americans, the first thing they did was to provide for national support to their airlines and airports. The French are doing the same thing, as are the Germans. In the UK we've seen Flybe go bust, and we might see the same thing happen to Virgin [Atlantic]".
  • 07:31

    COVID-19 Death Toll in Russia Rises to 1,169

    MOSCOW (Sputnik) - Russia has registered a record 7,933 new COVID-19 cases in the past 24 hours, taking the total to 114,431, the national coronavirus response centre said Friday.
    On Thursday, Russia reported 7,099 new cases, which was also a record daily.
    "Over the past 24 hours, 7,933 COVID-19 cases have been registered in 85 regions. Of these, 3,534 (or 44.5 percent) have been detected with people showing no clinical symptoms", the centre said in a statement.
    This is a 7.4 percent increase from the 106,498 cumulative cases recorded a day before.
    Of the new cases, 3,561 were registered in Moscow, 797 in the Moscow Region, and 349 in St. Petersburg (compared to yesterday's 3,093, 793, and 336, respectively).
    The country's COVID-19 death toll has increased by 96 (101 yesterday) to 1,169.
    A total of 1,601 patients have recovered over the past 24 hours (1,333 yesterday), bringing the total number of cured people to 13,220.
  • 07:15

    Malaysia to Reopen Economy From May 4 as COVID-19 Lockdown Eases

  • 06:54

    Number of COVID-19 Recoveries in Moscow Increases to 5,766

  • 06:48

    Number of Infected in Germany Rises to 160,758

    According to the Robert Koch Institute, 1,639 new cases have been confirmed in the country over the past 24 hours, while the death toll rose by 193, bringing the overall number of fatalities to 6,481.
  • 06:35

    Housing Secretary Jenrick Says UK to Hit 100,000 Daily Tests Target

  • 06:30

    Russia Conducts Over 3.7 Mln Coronavirus Tests

    COVID-19 tests

    Over 3.7Mln COVID-19 Tests Conducted in Russia - Watchdog

    MOSCOW (Sputnik) - Over 3.7 million tests to detect COVID-19 have been conducted in Russia, and 211,000 suspected carriers across the country are under medical observation, the national public health watchdog said on Friday.
  • 06:29

    Reports Show UK Housing Market Grinding to a Halt Amid Lockdown

  • 06:11

    Hungarian PM Warns About Possible 2nd Wave of Pandemic in Autumn

  • 05:50

    Brazilian Court Gives Bolsonaro 48 Hours to Release COVID-19 Test Results

    MOSCOW (Sputnik) - A court in Brazil has ruled that President Jair Bolsonaro release the results of his coronavirus tests within two days, Brazilian media reported on Friday.
    According to the broadcaster G1, federal judge Ana Lucia Petri Betto has requested the "results of all the tests that the president has undergone".
    The results have to be provided within 48 hours, with each day beyond the deadline is punishable by a fine of 5,000 reais ($911).
    The ruling reportedly came in response to a petition published in the Sao Paulo official bulletin.
    In March, Bolsonaro travelled to the United States with a delegation of which 20 members later tested positive for COVID-19. The Brazilian president himself has undergone several tests but has consistently rejected testing positive.
    Should the court order reveal that he, in fact, was infected and concealed it, the president, who so far has felt free to breach social distancing and actively communicated with people in public, can be held liable to the point of impeachment.
  • 05:24

    Boeing Declines COVID-19 Federal Aid After Raising $25Bln in Bond Offering

  • 05:06

    UK Institute Records Disproportion in COVID-19 Deaths Among Different Ethnic Groups

    UK Institute Records Disproportion in COVID-19 Deaths Among Different Ethnic Groups

    MOSCOW (Sputnik) – Different ethnic groups living in the United Kingdom are facing different mortality rates among COVID-19 patients, the UK's Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) said in a report issued on Friday.
  • 04:54

    Number of Confirmed Coronavirus Cases in Kyrgyzstan Rises to 756

  • 04:43

    Number of Confirmed COVID-19 Cases in South Korea Rises by 9 to 10,774

  • 04:41

    India Confirms 1,993 New Coronavirus Cases, Bringing Total to 35,043

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