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Surrounded by Violent Mob, Cop Barely Escapes with a Little Help

Surrounded by Violent Mob, Cop Barely Escapes with a Little Help
As violence seethed through several American cities on Friday, police found themselves under attack, even hundreds of miles away from Minneapolis, where initial protests over the death of George Floyd have morphed into riots.
In Los Angeles, KTLA tweeted video Friday revealing one law enforcement officer’s fate while trying to detain an individual.
The video shows a crowd of people closing in on the police officer, who repeatedly battles his way free.
At one point in the video, one man appears to hit the officer with the sign he had been carrying.

Eventually, a man wearing a white cap jumps into the fray.
The video shows the man talking with the officer, appearing to restrain him from continued pursuit and then walking away with him. No arrests were made in the incident, according to KTLA.
The Los Angeles Police Department reported two officers were injured Friday, but it was not clear whether either of them was the officer in the video.
Police declared an unlawful assembly in the area where the incident took place and called for demonstrators to disperse.
We have declared an unlawful assembly throughout Downtown LA.
From the 10 Fwy to the 101 & the 110 Fwy to Alameda—This is being made following repeated acts of violence & property damage. Residents should stay inside—Business should close—Those on the street are to leave the area
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Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti tweeted his support for peaceful protesters:
I believe in our city. L.A. is strong enough to stand for justice and walk in love.

We respect every Angeleno's right to protest, but violence and vandalism hurts all.

Let's remember why we march, protect each other, and bring a peaceful end to a painful night.
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LA was not the only major city where police were the targets of violence.
In New York City, a Molotov cocktail was thrown through the window of a police car outside of Brooklyn’s 88th Precinct, according to the New York Post.
The streets were filled with more than 3,000 demonstrators, WABC reported.
Law enforcement sources: Protest in honor of began at Barclays, making its way to the 79th & 88th precinct. Roughly 150-200 arrests, NYPD vehicles set on fire, protestors managed to break into the @NYPD79Pct and were quickly arrested. Dozen officers injured. @ABC7NY https://twitter.com/iCarlllly/status/1266542965700333574 
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WARNING: The following video contains vulgar language that some viewers may find disturbing.
Rioters were throwing cement at the NYPD as they were driving through, so an officer swung open his down and smacked one guy as he drove by:
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Rioters tried to enter the 79th Precinct, but were forced back by police.

NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea said Saturday that “countless” officers were hurt and many were still in the hospital, according to WNYW.

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