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AOC Advises 'Protesters' To Hide Their Identity, Leave Drugs at Home in Case of Arrest

AOC Advises 'Protesters' To Hide Their Identity, Leave Drugs at Home in Case of Arrest
As the country reels from the damage caused by continued civil unrest, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York is apparently attempting to aid those who wish to rip apart the fabric of our society.
The freshman lawmaker, known for her far-left radicalism, took to social media over the weekend to provide helpful tips to those taking to the streets in the aftermath of George Floyd’s death while in police custody in Minneapolis.
In a post cloaked as a cheat sheet for “protesting safely,” AOC advised her followers on what to wear and bring (or not bring) to demonstrations, some of it dealing with evading arrest.
“BE SAFE. Here’s our guide on being prepared for safe protests,” she wrote alongside a guide on Instagram.
Ocasio-Cortez’s guide advised so-called protesters to wear “nondescript” and “layered” clothing and to hide identifying tattoos.
She also advised them to bring along “heat resistant gloves” — for safely setting fires? — and to secure their hair and wear goggles and a mask.
These items are necessary for safe demonstrations, according to AOC.
Peacefully protesting must be a tiring activity, as she further advised her followers to bring water and snacks.
The water is also useful to combat the effects of “tear gas,” the Democrat’s tip sheet notes.

Ocasio-Cortez also suggested that demonstrators leave “anything you don’t want to be arrested with” at home.
The tip sheet item included images of a knife and what appears to be marijuana.
As for the violence being unleashed on Americans and their businesses, the self-proclaimed democratic socialist blamed that on “white supremacists.”
“There are increasing reports and investigations that white supremacists may be infiltrating these protests, breaking windows and destroying property. If anything seems off to you, DOCUMENT IT. Always check who is organizing,” AOC wrote on Instagram.
Ocasio-Cortez did not specifically ask protesters to refrain from smashing up small or minority-owned businesses, which are being demolished now on a nightly basis.
Perhaps she could have used her social media presence to encourage people to avoid actions that could get them arrested in the first place.
Then again, for the most part, the movement overtaking America’s cities is not a protest but anarchy and lawlessness, and those responsible for the rioting and looting seem to be AOC’s target audience.
The radical leftist also made no mention of social distancing in the protest guide, which is curious. Ocasio-Cortez has been on the frontlines of dragging the country’s Republican leadership for the response to the coronavirus.
Mere weeks ago, AOC criticized President Donald Trump and his advisers for pushing to reopen the economy.
The Trump admin is now projecting 3,000 daily deaths by June, and they are STILL pushing to “reopen.”

We are now careening towards one 9/11-scale death event *per day.* This was all preventable w/ tests, tracing,& policy.

Instead the GOP showered their friends w/ bailout money.
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Perhaps she doesn’t believe that the coronavirus can spread to people engaging in arson, vandalism and violent assaults.

Or perhaps she and other Democrats are being disingenuous and have ulterior motives as they posture to keep America’s robust economy restrained with their lockdowns.

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