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President Trump shushes reporter trying to interrupt him with question about minority unemployment

He did not appreciate the interruption

President Donald Trump angered many of his critics when he quieted a reporter attempting to interrupt a signing ceremony in order to ask him a question about minority unemployment.

The interaction happened Friday at the White House after the president applauded a report showing a surprising and sudden drop in unemployment nationwide.
The president moved from a podium to a desk to sign a bill about the Paycheck Protection Program, but PBS NewsHour correspondent Yamiche Alcindor yelled a question at him instead.

"Mr. President, why don't you have a plan to address systemic racism?" Alcindor yelled.

The president responded by putting his finger to his lips to signify that she needed to be quiet.
"I'd like to sign this bill," he said.
"And by the way, what's happened to our country — and what you now see, that's been happening, is the greatest thing that could happen for race relations, for the African-American community, for the Asian-American, for the Hispanic-American community, for women, for everything," Trump replied.

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