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Senator Scott: ‘The Country Is Better Off Trying To Create The Future Than Reframe The Past’

Senator Scott: ‘The Country Is Better Off Trying To Create The Future Than Reframe The Past’
UNITED STATES - JUNE 23: Sen. Tim Scott, R-S.C., right, and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., conduct a news conference after the Senate Republican Policy luncheon in Hart Building on Tuesday, June 23, 2020.
Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) told Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) in the most recent episode of “Verdict,” co-hosted by The Daily Wire’s Michael Knowles, that the United States would be better off working to “create the future” rather than attempting to “reframe the past.” Instead of tearing down statues in the name of social justice, the senator suggested, we should be putting more up in honor of American heroes who promoted civil rights.
Scott’s remarks come as radical activists have torn down statues across the country of Confederate figures, former U.S. Presidents, black abolitionists, religious figures, and explorers.
“I also think the country is better off trying to create the future than reframe the past,” Scott said. “We spend almost too much time in the rearview mirror and not enough time in the windshield. It’s hard not to get in an accident when all your focus is on yesterday. For us to reframe the past doesn’t benefit almost anyone. So, if we want to reframe the past, however, put up more statues. Put up a statue not just Martin Luther King Jr. What about Rosa Parks? Or Booker T. Washington? Washington Carver? There’s a lot of folks that we can celebrate. But, tearing something down does not necessarily build you up, number one.”
“Number two, why aren’t we spending the time on economic mobility?” Scott continued. “Why are we not spending the time on educational outcomes in poor zip codes in America? Why are we not spending the time on creating financial literacy? And frankly, literacy to break the pipeline between education and incarceration? If you want to spend all the money in the world on something, please let it not be on tearing down a statue. Let us spend the dollars and the resources on building the future where every single American says, ‘Yes. That’s my country.’”

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