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Windows 10 Desktop Windows Manager crashes due to DirectX bug

Windows 10 Desktop Windows Manager crashes due to DirectX bug
Windows 10 Desktop Windows Manager crashes due to DirectX bug

Microsoft is working on a resolution for a new issue causing the Desktop Windows Manager to crash on laptops if the lid is repeatedly closed and opened.
This new issue affects devices running all Windows 10 versions in scenarios involving displays configured to run at 4K resolution.
Desktop Window Manager (DWM) is a desktop composition Windows service introduced by Microsoft with the release of Windows Vista, forcing apps to draw pixels in video memory instead of the primary display device, rendering them to a desktop image that will then be displayed on the screen after applying visual effects and animations.
Windows uses DWM as the go-to desktop composition tool to obtain the final desktop image, as well as for enabling high-resolution support and for adding desktop visual effects.

Not a hardware issue

"DWM.exe process stops responding when you repeatedly close and open the lid in Windows 10," Microsoft explains in a support note published last week.
"This problem occurs because of an issue in the Microsoft DirectX Video Memory Management (Dxgmms2.sys) component. This is not a hardware issue."
Microsoft is working on a resolution for this known issue that should be delivered to impacted devices as part of an upcoming Windows 10 release.
However, the company doesn't provide an estimated timeline and doesn't say when exactly a fix should be expected to arrive.

DWM issue impacts only a limited set of devices

As Microsoft explains, for the DWM process to stop responding a very specific set of conditions have to be met.
The company also shared a couple of scenarios when customers might experience DWM crashes:
Scenario 1:
• You plug a High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) monitor into a laptop computer that is running Windows 10.
• The monitor is configured to operate at 4K resolution.
• You repeatedly play a 4K H264 video in Movies & TV on the computer.
• In Control Panel, you open the Advanced settings screen of the Power Options item, and then you set Lid close action as Do nothing.
• While the 4K video is playing back, you repeatedly close and open the computer lid.
Scenario 2:
• You connect two 4K monitors to a Thunderbolt 3 docking station.
• You connect a laptop that has a 4K solution monitor to the docking station, and then you configure a triple 4K display configuration in either "clone" or "extend" mode.
• You repeatedly undock and re-dock the laptop.
Microsoft is also working on fixing a bug preventing Windows Defender Application Guard (WDAG) and Windows Sandbox from opening on devices running Pro and Enterprise editions of Windows 10, version 1903, 1909, and 2004.
Customers who can't open WDAG or the Windows 10 Sandbox can mitigate the issue by restarting their devices.
fix for Outlook crashes affecting users after updating to Version 2006 Build 13001.20266 and higher for accounts configured to retrieve mails from a POP (Post Office Protocol) account with Download Headers Only is also pending.

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