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Actress Walks Out Of ‘ObamaGate’ Movie On Corruption In James Comey’s FBI

Actress Walks Out Of ‘ObamaGate’ Movie On Corruption In James Comey’s FBI
Actor Randolph Mantooth and wife Kristen Connors arrive at the Entertainment Weekly 3rd Annual Pre-Emmy Party held at the Cabana Club in Hollywood. (Photo by Axel Koester/Corbis via Getty Images)
Actress Kristen Connors walked off the set of a movie over former FBI Director James Comey and an intelligence-gathering operation against President Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign.
Connors, who had agreed to play the part of a congressional interrogator in the upcoming film “ObamaGate,” quit the job after early table readings of the script. She called the film “propaganda,” according to the show’s producers.
The movie, which will be filmed “Hamilton style” as a play, is currently in production in Los Angeles in an undisclosed location over concerns about recent protests and riots that have rocked the city.
“ObamaGate” producer Phelim McAleer, who is a contributor to The Daily Wire, slammed Connors in a statement, saying “‘ObamaGate The Movie’ is the complete opposite of propaganda. It is 100 percent verbatim. There is no drama or evidence added. Everything that you will see on screen came out of the mouths, memos, or is the sworn evidence of these FBI and DOJ operatives. It is the truth not propaganda.”
“Actors love to give themselves awards for being brave and claim to love doing controversial work but they run a mile when they are presented with a truthful script that challenges the mainstream media narrative and Hollywood orthodoxy,” he added. “They really are pathetic. They hate controversy and far from being brave they are artistic cowards.”
McAleer and Ann McElhinney, who co-wrote “ObamaGate,” released a video after Connors’ walkout slamming the actress and calling for help.

McAleer has had similar problems before. Nine actors walked out on his play called “Ferguson,” which was based off the shooting of Michael Brown in 2014. Like “ObamaGate,” the show’s script was based off court testimony and other primary documents.
“They were upset that the eyewitness testimony did not match the mainstream media narrative and their idea of how the shooting actually happened,” McAleer said.
The Daily Wire reported on the film when it was announced last week:
The film project, which is being crowdfunded, will focus on the FBI under former director James Comey, as well as key players in ex-special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into alleged Russian collusion such as former FBI special agent Peter Strzok and former FBI lawyer Lisa Page. The October release was picked to counter the narratives of Showtime’s “big budget, pro-Comey mini-series called ‘The Comey Rule’” and Strozk’s upcoming, “self-aggrandising memoir.”
“Showtime has created ‘The Comey Rule’ which is based on a political fairytale and a conspiracy theory that is told by the left in a shameless attempt to take down President Trump. It’s simply untrue, and despite this, the media is gushing over ‘The Comey Rule.’ Americans deserve the truth,” McAleer said.
“Showtime is spending tens of million[s] of dollars to tell this lie and that’s why we’re creating ‘Obamagate The Movie,’ to set the record straight,” he continued. “Whereas Showtime and ‘The Comey Rule’ rely on dramatic fiction written by left-wing Hollywood writers, ‘Obamagate The Movie’ is non-fiction and it is solely composed of the texts, emails, messages, and transcripts that clearly show the Deep State plot to take down President Trump. We are giving viewers the word-for-word facts so they can decide for themselves.”

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