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KLAVAN: HBO’s Anti-Trump ‘Coastal Elites’ May Reveal More About The Left Than It Intends

KLAVAN: HBO’s Anti-Trump ‘Coastal Elites’ May Reveal More About The Left Than It Intends
Close up of the HBO logo at the Game of Thrones Premiere, held at Waterfront Hall, Belfast.The preview for HBO’s upcoming comedy “Coastal Elites” is just a blip on the cultural radar, but it reveals a lot about our friends on the Left. The show is written by the virulently anti-Trump screenwriter Paul Rudnick, who once tweeted, “Trump’s solution to the virus: more death. Trump’s solution to racism: more racism.” Rudnick is also a talented guy, who wrote the charming comedy film “In and Out,” about a teacher slowly discovering he’s gay.
The show was originally developed as a play for the Public Theater—the place where they staged Julius Caesar with a Caesar-as-Trump, so they could assassinate the president onstage and call it art. It features five monologues by coastal elites who hate Donald Trump. The left-wing Daily Beast, which previewed the show, says it “may be the most anti-Trump scripted programming to air on a major networkWhat’s revealing about the preview is that—because Rudnick is, in fact, a talented writer—the show seems to depict anti-Trump coastal elites pretty much as they are: unhinged, small-minded, ill-informed, and hateful.
For instance, Bette Midler, who plays a retired teacher under arrest for snatching a man’s MAGA hat, is shown saying of her victim, “He was wearing jeans and a windbreaker and… the hat! The red hat! You know the one. The MAGA hat. In New York City. … That’s like me going to Nebraska wearing a yarmulke, waving a rainbow flag while reading a book!”
Sarah Paulson plays a YouTube meditation guru who has a breakdown right in the middle of pitching tranquility. “My Uncle Dirk says, ‘Trump is a real straight shooter. He tells it like it is…’ I try to say something, but only random words come out. It’s like I’m in The Exorcist. ‘Charlottesville! Obamagate! Golf!’”

Now this is cute stuff, but what’s cute about it is that it makes fun of these people for being, well, exactly what coastal elites are. Midler feels justified in attacking a man because he has no right to have his opinion in her New York. He should be in Nebraska, which is full of anti-semites, homophobes, and illiterates. Paulson’s mindless passion is based on classic left-wing ignorance. She takes mainstream media lies as gospel truth. “Charlottesville” represents the “good people on both sides” comment about white supremacists that Trump never made. (He said, “I’m not talking about the neo-Nazis and white nationalists because they should be condemned totally.) “Obamagate” refers to a years-long conspiracy against Trump’s presidency based on completely debunked Clinton oppo research—about which Trump is wholly in the right. And so on.
Interestingly, reviews from the Left, including the review from The Daily Beast, seem to sense that the show could be read differently than Rudnick intended it. Their reviews express discomfort. The Beast review finds the monologues “insufferable” and “irritating.”
But clearly, Rudnick thought it was all in good fun. As a sufferer from Trump Derangement Syndrome himself, he saw no problem depicting his fellow sufferers as they are. Why would he? Everyone who’s anyone knows their derangement is absolutely justified by the evil of their enemies.
In other words, Rudnick, like virtually every coastal elite leftist I know, has no idea that his derangement is a state induced by a dishonest media’s misrepresentations. He never hears from any true Trump supporters because he is completely sequestered from them within an entertainment and information culture he and his ilk own and control. They don’t know any conservatives. They have no idea who we are, what we think, or what we believe.
This sequestration, this induced ignorance, this created derangement is, I believe, what has turned the very people who pride themselves on tolerance into petty tyrants. They see no problem with cancel culture—with blackballing and destroying the lives of those they disagree with—because they’ve never had to confront those people in reasoned debate. Their media so demonizes opposing voices that they think “Fox News” and “Hannity” are curse words. They don’t know that Bret Baier on Fox runs the one and only fair-minded newscast on television, or that they could learn more about the full story of George Floyd’s death on “Hannity” than they will in the consistently dishonest New York Times.
The Left doesn’t know the Right because they don’t have to. Their cultural dominance encloses and protects them from disagreement until they think disagreement is a crime. They now feel justified in abandoning every central American principle—free speech, the right to worship, the right to bear arms, the limited power of government—in the name of preserving an America they no longer love or believe in.
Why should they? Wasn’t America founded in racism? It must have been. The New York Times says so..”

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