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La Raza Radio among businesses burned down in Minneapolis BLM riots: 'It was my life's work. Destroyed.'

La Raza Radio among businesses burned down in Minneapolis BLM riots: 'It was my life's work. Destroyed.'
Among the many businesses destroyed in the Minneapolis Black Lives Matter riots was a minority-owned Spanish-language radio station named "La Raza 95.7FM."

The station's CEO, Maya Santamaria, explained to the Star Tribune that the destruction from the rioting was a devastating setback for her business.
"It was my life's work. Destroyed," she lamented.
The station was destroyed in May when protesters angry about the death of George Floyd turned to rioting and looting. It was in a building that was targeted by arsonists because of its proximity to a Minneapolis police station, and it went up in flames.
''We were a block from Third Precinct that got burned down," Santamaria said. "It was all very intense. Something that started as protest against the police over treatment of African Americans became violence against Latino and other businesses, including Black businesses. The Latino community really felt it in terms of the damage and looting."

Santamaria said that her efforts to keep the station going were hampered when she found out that it was insured for less than what it was worth.
"Our business loss was $150,000 and we recouped about $85,000," she told the Tribune.
She is now looking to relocate away from the area because of the inhospitable business climate after the riots and the coronavirus pandemic.
"There is a flight from Lake Street," she said. "It's still like a war zone. It's depressing. Spirits are low. Not just Latinos. It's a struggle. It's going to take a lot of spiritual work, planning and investment."
Santamaria opened a GoFundMe campaign page in order to raise funds to keep La Raza Radio going, but after 5 months, it only raised $3.9k of its $250k goal.
"The voice of the Latino Community in Minneapolis was silenced when it was most needed!" she wrote at the page.

Here's more about the rioting and looting in Minneapolis:

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