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Lung Cancer Patient Kicked Out Of Bingo Hall For Not Covering Breathing Hole In Neck With A Mask, Son Says

Lung Cancer Patient Kicked Out Of Bingo Hall For Not Covering Breathing Hole In Neck With A Mask, Son Says
Senior woman playing bingoAn Ontario woman who is battling cancer was reportedly kicked out of a bingo hall when she didn’t cover the hole in her neck through which she breathes.
Elaine Arbeau, 67, doesn’t do a lot anymore, her son said in a lengthy Facebook post, but she still goes out to play bingo and the gambling games in the local hall.
Arbeau was happy to see her friends again when Delta Bingo in Pickering reopened after a shutdown prompted by the COVID-19 pandemic. But things went south from the moment she got there.
“She was told to leave by management if she didn’t cover up the hole on her neck,” her son, Joe Gilbert, told CTV News Toronto on Sunday. “She explained that was impossible to do. That’s how she breathes.”
Gilbert said his mother was embarrassed and didn’t want to create a scene so she voluntarily left. He says when she got to the parking lot she started crying. “My mom was beside herself and floored,” Gilbert said, adding that his mom felt humiliated by the situation.
Gilbert said when the manager saw Arbeau crying in the parking lot, she decided to allow her back in but at that point she refused. “My mom left,” Gilbert said. “She was too embarrassed.”
The mother and son researched the rules about masks and decided she wasn’t wrong, but when she went back to the bingo hall, they still wouldn’t let her in. They told her ‘You can’t come in here unless you cover the hole on your neck,'” Gilbert said.
Below is Gilbert’s full Facebook post:
Ok! So here we go again. My mom has battled many types of cancers over the last 20 years. She is still here. Hell of a survivor. However she like any soldier carries many wounds. One being the hole left in her neck. So because of that battle she can’t talk like us, or breathe like us. She breathes through the hole in her neck. My mom doesn’t go out much unless its to play at a casino or bingo hall these days for her enjoyment with her friends. She’s 67. But with Covid happening she was home bound for 6 months before they opened up a bingo hall. Not to play bingo yet the machines were available. Like most people she too was excited to go play and see her friends again. However when she went to Delta Bingo Pickering, she was told to leave by management if she didn’t cover up the hole on her neck. Well she explained that was impossible to do so. That’s how she breathes. But nevertheless Lucy the operations manager escorts her out to the parking lot. In the parking lot Lucy realized how upset mom was and said it was ok to go back in. My mom was beside herself and floored. My mom left. Since then my mom was in contact with OLG and was told that she had every right to enter any gambling establishment regardless the hole in her neck. Through talking to friends, family and others she mustered up enough strength to try again. So she heads out on Sat. August 28th to have a good night out and this happens. Even though she tries to explain what she learn’t she was over talked. My poor mom has no voice so I’m hoping by getting this out there many people will join me to give her one. This should never happen to anyone in my moms position. I must warn you, this video and pics may be disturbing to some. It sure as hell was for me. Thank you.

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