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Trump supporter kicked in head by Black Lives Matter militant while flat on his back: 'He just got his a** beat!'

Trump supporter kicked in head by Black Lives Matter militant while flat on his back: 'He just got his a** beat!'
While WDJT-TV characterized things as "mostly peaceful" Tuesday as President Donald Trump visited riot-ravaged Kenosha, Wisconsin, one incident caught on camera proved anything but.

What are the details?

As Trump supporters and protesters gathered near the courthouse to express their views, the station said most banter between the groups was disrespectful and heated.
Trump supporters were angry about rioting and looting in the wake of the police-involved shooting of a black man, Jacob Blake, that captured attention nationwide.
"Does Black Lives Matter give them opportunity to burn a town down?" one Trump supporter said, according to WDJT. "No. Is that what they represent? I'm against it for that reason."

Kicked in the head

As tensions boiled over video caught the moment when a Trump supporter — who was flat on his back amid a physical altercation — was kicked in the head by a Black Lives Matter militant:
A second video caught what happened next as it appeared some of the victim's adversaries tried to prevent further damage and let him get up and walk away. As he did, one person from the crowd can be heard melodically chanting — in childlike style — "He just got his a** beat! He just got his a** beat!"
WDJT caught up with the victim of the attack, identified as David, who sustained a badly swollen cheekbone and bruised temple.
Image source: WDJT-TV video screenshot

"I was attacked by numerous people at the same time," he told the station, which added that the beatdown occurred over his pro-Trump hat.
David added to WDJT that he got a "kick to the head, one really good blow to the face. They surrounded me and attacked me and started chanting things. They were completely out of control."
The station said the crowd then chased him down the street — and that it was a scene that played out at other points during the day.
"People came out to stand up," Trump protester Lou Downey told WDJT. "Stand up against Trump in the face of all the violence he's been unleashing around the country."

A recurring theme?

This wasn't the first time we've seen leftists resort to kicking vulnerable people in the head amid public unrest.
Police in Portland, Oregon, in June charged a 14-year-old male with second-degree assault after video captured him kicking a man in the head who was already face-down and motionless in the street:
And we all know about the other famous kick to the head in Portland from last month:
Not long after police arrested Marquise Lee Love, 25, on charges of riot, coercion, and second-degree assault.

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