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Celebrities Get Naked To Tell People To Vote, Get Ruthlessly Mocked

Celebrities Get Naked To Tell People To Vote, Get Ruthlessly Mocked


Celebrities like Sarah Silverman, Amy Schumer, Mark Ruffalo, Chelsea Handler, and Chris Rock have teamed up for a PSA about mail-in voting and “naked ballot” laws.

Unsurprisingly, the bizarre PSA, which ends with Silverman removing her hands from her breasts, was quickly mocked online by conservatives and liberals alike—even GOP Gov. Kristi Noem took a shot at the ad.According to Variety, the PSA was created by RepresentUs, a self-described nonpartisan organization “focused on voting rights.”

“I’m completely buck-a** naked,” actress and comedian Tiffany Haddish says in the PSA. Other celebs, like Schumer and Rock, similarly tell viewers about their birthday suit.

“I know what you’re thinking,” says left-wing activist and actor Mark Ruffalo, “you’re thinking, Ruffalo, put your clothes on.”

“I’m here to talk to you about voting,” Handler, also naked, chimes in.

The celebs then tell Americans to follow the directions on their mail-in ballots so their vote is counted.

“Naked ballots are the new hanging chads,” said RepresentUs co-founder and CEO Josh Silver. “The fact is that if you use the wrong pen color or don’t assemble your mail-in ballot correctly, your vote may not count. This is not a partisan issue; it affects all people planning to vote by mail.”

“We’re grateful to this committed and talented group for making an eye-catching video so that everyone understands what they need to do to ensure their vote is counted.”

Folks online were quick to make fun of the PSA.

Republican South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem commented, “This is insanity. Hollywood liberals have lost their minds. Do they really think this is the best way to get out the vote? Why do they think so little of the American people?”

“PSA: All those naked celebrities are the reason Hillary lost,” teased podcast host Bridget Phetasy. She also mocked: “Celebrities getting naked have absolutely convinced me I shouldn’t vote.”

“I’m calling for a total and complete shutdown on celebrities until we figure out what the hell is going on,” wrote columnist and podcast host Spencer Klavan.

Within months of the #MeToo hysteria Hollywood ladies whip out their t**s to get votes for hair-sniffing handsy old #JoeBiden. Irony has no bounds,” actor James Woods said.

The Left, apparently, is also being helped by strippers activating to get out the vote.

According to NPR, strippers in Atlanta created a PSA called “Get Your Booty To The Polls”—and the PSA includes actual pole dancing and booty-shaking.

“The beat drops, the woman and other dancers begin to perform, and the repeated message is a simple one: ‘Get Your Booty To The Poll.’ It’s a different kind of voting PSA, one that has stirred up a conversation about who shows up in elections and who isn’t being reached by the current outreach efforts,” NPR reported.

“[Angela] Barnes said that she and producer Paul Fox wanted to make this video to fill a gap in traditional get out the vote messaging that she feels largely fails to reach Black men,” the report noted. “But she said she wanted to target a more specific, smaller demographic within the subset of potential Black male voters, and so she chose to center the video in Atlanta’s booming strip club scene.”


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