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Eric Metaxas: Character still counts. 'Trump. Now more than ever'

That he's not Joe Biden, or Kamala Harris (or whoever she picks for veep when the ref waves his arms signaling it's all over for Joe, which seems imminent). Any Americans who can fathom what will befall this country — and the world — if these principle-free career politicians are elected at this historic moment of crisis could not dream of voting for them. But because mainstream journalists have become proud traitors to their profession — and country — many voters are unaware of what's at stake.

the opposite that has happened. Trump has so dramatically increased peace between Israel and her neighbors that he has earned four Nobel Peace Prize nominations.

He has also creatively and courageously stood up to China, North Korea, and Iran, in the process dramatically reversing the craven and failed policies of the Obama/Biden administration, and putting these rogue nations on notice that America is not to be trifled with. These successes have utterly unhinged the ineffective bureaucrats in the State Department, who prefer presidents to rubber-stamp the antique and flatulent policies they recommend decade after decade.

At America's best moments, those suffering in totalitarian countries have gotten profound encouragement from our bold stand for freedom, and because of Trump's stance they do now. Those suffering in the Soviet gulag similarly drew inspiration when Reagan — also defying the fruitless advice of the Deep Statists — declared “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!" Such contrarian and often heroic wisdom is called “leadership", and in this hour we need it especially desperately. Putting it another way, we may recycle a political slogan from the year Joe Biden first won election to the Senate: “Trump. Now more than ever."

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