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Evidence shows Denver shooter was likely ABOVE Antifa in the Neo-Marxist ranks

Evidence shows Denver shooter was likely ABOVE Antifa in the Neo-Marxist ranks

Matthew Robert Dolloff has been conspicuously separated by media and even law enforcement from ties to Antifa. But it appears very likely that he simply wasn't one of the foot soldiers. He's been doing this for too long.Denver Police were quick to point out that alleged Denver murderer Matthew Robert Dolloff was not tied to Antifa. The domestic terrorist group has been in the news lately following Joe Biden’s declaration that they are just “an idea” and not an organization, so the left wants to make sure the murder of a Trump-supporting veteran is not associated with the violence perpetrated by the “idea.”

But new reports are coming in that Dolloff was directly connected with Occupy Denver and Occupy Democrats, two “ideas” that were the precursors to Antifa. Those who fought through the earlier versions of the terrorist group were, as Twitter user and investigative journalist @STKnutsen put it, “more careful.”

Dolloff’s radical leftist activism goes back at least to 2011 when the various Occupy movements were taking to the streets and disrupting both business and government. They were not as violent as Antifa, but were also not nearly as successful as Antifa or Black Lives Matter at wreaking havoc and rallying their extremist progressive comrades. Many who were there at the early stages of the insurrection graduated to become quiet leaders of Antifa in the background. They knew better than to get involved in being foot soldiers for the group, instead operating as organizers, trainers, and strategists.Was Dolloff one of these people? It seems unlikely that he changed his ideology; recent social media posts show he’s just as against President Trump and law enforcement as he was against corporate America and law enforcement back then. It also seems clear that his involvement in insurrection has not diminished but instead has gone underground. The theory that he’s a leader among Antifa appears to jibe with both his public absence from the group as well as his tenure among Neo-Marxist revolutionaries.

The Gateway Pundit collected other evidence that shows Dolloff was not only involved with Antifa’s predecessors in the past, but is also still involved with them today.

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The pictures on the right of the composite show that Dolloff was involved in Occupy Denver and he was a Bernie Bro. Nearly everything he does looks connected to Antifa.Next Apelbaum provides a composite of the types of messages Dolloff was sharing online. He is Anti-Trump, Anti-Israel, Pro-Islamic, Anti-Police and Anti-US Military. All this provides more support that Dolloff is connected to Antifa:

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