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Federal appeals court nixes Minnesota Democratic secretary of state's plan to extend the mail-in ballot deadline — for now

A federal appeals court has upended Minnesota Democratic Secretary of State Steve Simon's plan to extend the state's vote counting deadline by seven days.In a 2-1 decision

 Thursday, the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that a Republican state representative and GOP activist could challenge Simon's order to extend the deadline and ordered that all ballots received after election day must be separated "to be removed from vote totals in the event a final order is entered by a court of competent jurisdiction determining such votes to be invalid or unlawfully counted."the state have not been received.

"They could be in transit or they could be on coffee tables throughout Minnesota," he said, adding that officials are considering an appeal to the Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court on Wednesday permitted North Carolina's and Pennsylvania's extended deadlines for receiving mail-in ballots.

Minnesota Democratic Sen. Amy Klobuchar blasted the ruling on Twitter, saying, "In the middle of a pandemic, the Republican Party is doing everything to make it hard for you to vote."

Minnesota Republican Party Chairwoman Jennifer Carnahan praised the decision.

"The Democrats are losing it," she tweeted Thursday. "Their efforts to manipulate our election laws met a road block today: the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals and the law. The integrity of our election to have votes in by 8 pm Election Day is intact. We will always applaud freedom and fairness."

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