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Reporter Ami Horowitz dove into the “radical leftist” motivations behind the progressive Jewish group

Reporter Ami Horowitz dove into the “radical leftist” motivations behind the progressive Jewish group


Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) blasted California officials on Wednesday afternoon after reports emerged that a massive display in favor of President Donald Trump, on private property and in the style of the Hollywood sign, was knocked down by government officials, who said it was a hazardous distraction to people driving on the freeway.

“Stunning. CA govt censors free speech on private property. A blatant abuse of power for political ends,” remarked Cruz in a Wednesday tweet. “Does anyone think they would have made them take down a Biden sign?”

KTLA-5, which first covered the story, reported Tuesday that the large white letters for the sign, appearing roughly 10-feet tall each, were put up at some point early in the morning, and before 7am a motorist had already filed a complaint with officials.

The commuter, who reportedly saw the sign while driving on the 405 Freeway, allegedly told officials that the sign could cause a brush fire. While it’s true that brush fires have occurred in the area, it’s not clear whether the sign would have caused a fire.

The sign didn’t last much longer after the complaint was filed.

A spokesperson for the California Department of Transportation told KTLA-5 that the sign was knocked down on the same day, albeit for serving as a distraction toward freeway motorists, and not for causing a brush-fire risk.

Lauren Wonders, Chief Public Information Office for the department, told the Los Angeles Times the matter was a “life and safety issue because there were concerns about distracted driving.” She also said the letters were laid down.

KTLA-5 reporter Christina Pascucci posted a video of the large sign, taken from the 405 Freeway, highlighting its resemblance to the Hollywood sign. Several hours later, Pascucci noted that it had been taken down.

While Los Angeles is home to some Republican voters, albeit very few, it’s not clear whether the Trump sign was put up by the property owner or by someone else. That said, the Trump sign isn’t the first display bearing Trump’s name to receive public attention this month.

Last week, Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame was reportedly destroyed by a person wearing an Incredible Hulk costume and wielding a pickaxe. Trump’s Walk of Fame star has been defaced in the past, and, just as in the past, the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, which administers the display, has moved to repair it.

Law enforcement sources told TMZ, which first reported on the story, that the damage was estimated at around $5,000.

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