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Ted Cruz: Hunter Biden's emails don't move a single voter

He added that for Trump to win, Republicans need to pivot to a positive message and ensure that the president's supporters get to the polls.

"I think we should be unifying, we should be explaining, we should be lifting people up," Cruz said. "I think it's a turnout election. But my assessment of turnout is the left is showing up no matter what. That those who hate Trump will crawl over broken glass to vote against him."

"The big unknown in this election is: Is everyone else gonna show up?"

The Nov. 3 election is just one week away. According to the Daily Caller, recent polling has shown that Biden's 9.1-point lead over Trump has remained more or less unchanged since the New York Post published the Hunter Biden emails in mid-October.

According to the Associated Press, 58.6 million Americans have voted early, far surpassing the number of early or absentee votes in 2016. Democrats lead Republicans in the early ballot casting, but Republicans are catching up.

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