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WATCH: Warren Attacks Trump: ‘Donald Trump Threatens The Existence Of Human Life, Of All Life, On This Planet’

WATCH: Warren Attacks Trump: ‘Donald Trump Threatens The Existence Of Human Life, Of All Life, On This Planet’

Speaking to roughly 100 college students at Macalester College in St. Paul, Minnesota, on Sunday, failed presidential candidate Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) ranted, “Donald Trump threatens the existence of human life, of all life, on this planet.”

Warren first threatened in fire-and-brimstone fashion that time was running out for the human race, preaching, “We are reaching a moment on our planet in which the crisis that’s upon us may no longer be one that we will be able successfully fight back against. The climate crisis is here, and no, the science around this is not controversial. The science is clear. In fact, you know what scares me to death, is that every time we get more data and reanalyze the data what we discover is the problem’s even worse than we thought. We have even less time than we thought.”

Then her monologue morphed into her raving, “So what has Donald Trump done for four years? He not only hasn’t made things better; he has actively made them worse. He withdraws from the Paris Climate Accord; he’s put a coal lobbyist in charge of the Environmental Protection Agency. What could possibly go wrong? He has opened up for offshore drilling, and he has said yes to the oil companies, they can drill in the Arctic National Wildlife Preserve. Donald Trump threatens the existence of human life, of all life, on this planet. And on November 3 we will hold Donald Trump accountable!”

Interior Secretary David Bernhardt has stated that oil drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Preserve, which was approved by the Trump administration in mid-August,would involve only 0.01 percent of the refuge’s 19 million acres. He said:“Congress gave us a very clear directive here, and we have to carry out that directive consistent with the directive that they gave, and consistent with the procedural statutes, I have a remarkable degree of confidence that this can be done in a way that is responsible, sustainable and environmentally benign,” as The Wall Street Journal reported.

In October 2019, speaking at an event for New Hampshire Public Radio, host Laura Knoy asked Warren about her efforts to battle climate change. She stated, “What specific steps have you taken in your campaign to ensure that your campaign’s environmental impact is as limited as possible?” noting that billionaire Tom Steyer said that he only flew commercial flights. Knoy continued, “He said ‘that means a lot of time waiting at airports for me and my staff’ but there’s a huge carbon footprint of a private jet so that’s the sacrifice he said he was willing to make. How about you?”

Warren lamely answered, “So, I’ve mostly been flying commercial, um, but we’ve been trying to look at other ways that we can reduce our carbon footprint and it’s everything from the kind of car we drive, uh and down to … do we purchase offsets, can we make that work as a way to try to reduce the footprint.”

The Daily Wire’s Ashe Schow noted, “So, Warren doesn’t always fly commercial, and her campaign is merely looking into other ways to reduce their carbon footprint? So basically, she’s doing nothing while stoking fears about a climate crisis.”

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