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Georgia secretary of state: There will be a recount, nearly 9,000 military ballots still outstanding

 Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger (R) gave an update the state of vote-counting in the Peach State and said there will be a recount.
Former Vice President Joe Biden currently leads President Donald Trump by about 1,100 votes.

What's going on in Georgian
Raffensperger held a news conference Friday morning to give an update on the tallying of votes in the state, saying that the results have been and will remain extremely close.
As a result, he said, there will be a recount.
According to Raffensperger, there are still 8,890 military ballots outstanding that will be counted if they are returned by the close of business Friday and were postmarked Nov. 4.
Out of 5 million votes cast, the margin will be only a few thousand, he predicted.

The secretary said the state said the race is still too close to call.
"With a margin that small, there will be a recount in Georgia," he said, adding, "The stakes are high, and emotions are high on all sides. We will not let those debates distract us from our work. We will get it right, and we'll defend the integrity of our election."
"In some states, there are complaints about monitors not being allowed to watch the count," Raffensperger continued. "In Georgia, this process is and will remain open and transparent to monitors."
"If any member of the public raises legitimate concerns, we'll investigate those," he said. "We are committed to doing anything and everything to maintaining trust for every Georgian, regardless of partisan preference."

Georgia voting system implementation manager Gabriel Sterling said the process is open for everyone to watch and encouraged people to do so.

According to Sterling, the state has seen no widespread irregularities so far. But he added, with a narrow margin, a small problem can impact the entire election; therefore, officials are taking all credible assertions of voting irregularities seriously and are investigating.
Sterling said the recount cannot occur until the election is certified, which could happen as late as Nov. 20. If the victor has wins by half a percentage point or less, the loser can request a recount.
Sterling said he "hoped" a statewide recount could be done in a week.

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