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Liquor store employee alleges woman spit on him after refusing to wear mask

Liquor store employee alleges woman spit on him after refusing to wear mask

A Penticton employee was left feeling upset after a woman entered the store and allegedly refused to wear a mask, got visibly upset and intentionally dropped the employee's phone.

“It’s just one simple mask,” Rupy Pandher, the owner of the Skaha Lake Liquor Store said. “This lady came to our store, she was not wearing a mask and our employee asked her to put on the mask.”

Pandher said her employee called after the customer kept refusing to comply. 

“She argued with him and while our employee was talking to me regarding the mask issue I told him to refuse service, so that's what he did,” she explained, adding that the employee then passed his cell phone to the customer so she could speak with the owner of the store.

“I also talked to the lady myself. I asked her to leave and then she dropped the phone, made racial comments and spit a few times on our employee," Pandher further alleged.

Pandher said the woman went on that she didn’t have to wear a mask because she 'makes her own laws.' 

“All we ask her is that there’s a government law you have to wear a mask or we cannot serve you.”

On surveillance footage of the incident, the woman is seen dropping the phone to the ground, and the employee rushes to examine it as the woman leaves.

Pandher reported the incident to the RCMP, but the woman was gone by the time they arrived. 

“Some people stay quiet when this happens, they don’t stand up against it. But I don’t think people should be treated like this,” Pandher said.

“As a community we should all get together and we should all take action against people like her. There’s one incident, there might be more.”

“It’s a very good thing that Bonnie Henry has made this decision, but people are not following."

The liquor store shared the surveillance footage on their Facebook page. RCMP have not yet been available for comment on whether they are investigating, and no allegations have been proven in court. 

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