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Melania Trump vs Ivanka Trump net worth: Who is richer, check here

Melania Trump vs Ivanka Trump net worth: Who is richer, check here


Melania Trump, 50, is in the news these day amid reports that she is planning to divorce US President Donald Trump. It is to be noted that Melania has been the US First Lady since Donald Trump, 74, took oath as US president in 2017. Melania is also the stepmother of Trump's four children, including Ivanka Trump.

What is the net worth of Melania and Ivanka Trump.

Melania Trump net worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Melania has a fortune of GBP 38.6 million. Before becoming the US First Lady, Melania also had many successful business ventures in the past.

When Melania first met Donald in 1998, she was a popular model in New York. Melania has built her fortune while modelling for big brands such as Vogue, Vanity Fair and New York Magazine.

Besides earning money from her modelling career, Melania has launched her own businesses. Her jewellery collection Melania Timepieces sold lavish statement jewellery.

Melania also launched the Melania Skin Care Collection which sold skincare goods including anti-aging products.

Ivanka Trump net worth

According to Forbes, Ivanka has a fortune of around GBP 289 million, which means she is richer than Melania. Ivanka also started off her career working as a model but later took to business. Ivanka also served as an executive vice president for the family-owned Trump Organization.

It was reported that Ivanka earned as much as GBP 27 million during this period.

She also manages the interior design for the Trump hotel.

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