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Michael J. Fox Believes His Famed Reaganite ‘Family Ties’ Character Would Not Support Trump

Michael J. Fox Believes His Famed Reaganite ‘Family Ties’ Character Would Not Support Trump


Before he was Marty McFly in “Back to the Future,” he was the Reagan-era Republican Alex P. Keaton in the hit 1980s sitcom “Family Ties.” According to Michael J. Fox, if Keaton were around today, he probably would not have been a Trump supporter.

Speaking on “The View,” Fox said that Alex P. Keaton would have likely supported both Presidents H.W. Bush and George W. Bush as well as Mitt Romney, but he probably would have not liked Trump.

“I don’t think he’d think much of Trump. I think he would have liked [George] Bush. I think he would have liked [Mitt] Romney,” Fox said. “I think he would have liked a lot of these [Republican] guys, but I don’t think he would have dug Trump.”

During the Democratic Party presidential primary, Michael J. Fox endorsed South Bend Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg. “I can’t think of a bigger contrast between this president and the president Pete will be. He’s not in it for himself. He’s in it for us,” said Fox of Buttigieg.

Michael J. Fox has been openly critical of President Trump since the start of his White House tenure. Speaking with The New York Times in 2019 about a medical scare he endured, the former “Back to the Future” actor took aim at the Trump administration for supposedly being skeptical toward science while repeating the claim that President Trump mocked a disabled reporter during the 2016 presidential campaign.

“Does the current administration’s apparent skepticism toward science at all affect your foundation’s research?” The New York Times asked Fox.

“We have a working relationship with the government,” Fox said of his foundation’s work. “Trump is not sitting around thinking about Parkinson’s.”

The actor continued: “But one thing that angered me is when he mocked that reporter. That was a stab to the guts. Not just for me, but for people I know and work with, who try so hard to overcome other people’s atavistic aversion to anybody that moves differently. So I thought, ‘Do I say something in response?’ Then I thought, ‘People already know Trump is an [expletive].’”

Fox was referring to the time President Trump allegedly mocked NYT reporter Serge Kovaleski, who has the joint condition arthrogryposis. But as The Washington Examiner noted:

If Trump’s purpose was to mock-imitate Kovaleski, anyone watching would have never known it; and not just because no one would know who Kovaleski is, if the media hadn’t manufactured a controversy.

The media would have everyone believe Kovaleski has Parkinson’s disease or at least Restless Leg Syndrome.

Anyone can search “Serge Kovaleski” on YouTube and see videos of the reporter. He doesn’t jerk his arms around, in fact, because his mobility is limited. He’s still.

A corpse would be doing a more accurate imitation.

By the way, Trump has mocked bank executives, Ted Cruz and the response President Obama’s generals give to questions about fighting the Islamic State and he used the exact same affect as he did for Kovaleski.

Michael J. Fox’s fans were saddened this week to learn that Parkinson’s Disease has kept him from pursuing more acting work.

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