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Saturday morning and still no victor declared in presidential race. Here's where things stand now.

It's Saturday, four days after the what has been called by many "the biggest election of our lifetimes." As of right now, the race between President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden is still too close to call. Here's where things stand at the moment in the six states yet to be called.

Pennsylvania — 20 electoral votes

● Biden leads by 29,000 votes.

● There are about 89,000 ballots left to count statewide according to the state's voting website, votespa.com. Allegheny County in Pennsylvania has about 30,000 ballots remaining to be counted, and Philadelphia has about 20,000, the state's site reported. Those results are expected to be posted by Saturday afternoon. County Executive Rich Fitzgerald told CNN that there are another 17,000 provisional ballots that will be counted by next week.

Supreme Court Justice on Friday evening issued an order that ballots received after 8 p.m. ET on Election Day be segregated, Fox News reported. The segregation was already supposed to be happening statewide per an agreement state officials had made previously. Alito's order was to ensure that "all boards are complying" with the statewide guidance on vote segregation.

Georgia — 16 electoral votes

● Biden leads by 7,000 votes.

● As of Friday night, Georgia was reporting 8,400 outstanding military ballots that could be received by the end of the day to be counted, as long as the were postmarked by Nov. 4. This does not mean there are 8,400 military ballots to be counted — just that there could be up to that many if hey were all sent in by Friday night and had the correct postmark.

The state also said it had 14,200 provisional ballots outstanding as of Friday night.

With as close things are in the Peach State now, the Georgia secretary of state said Friday that there will be a statewide recount.

Nevada — 6 electoral votes

● Biden leads by 23,000 votes.

● State officials told CNN the the Silver State still had 124,500 outstanding ballots and that there are approximately 60,000 provisional ballots. According to officials, 90% of the ballots remaining to be counted are from Clark County, the home of Las Vegas where Democrats have performed well.

The state is expecting to release more vote counts Saturday afternoon.

Many observers are asking what's taking so long in Nevada. But according to KABC-TV, "government officials say they are emphasizing accuracy over speed in a year when processing an unprecedented flood of mail-in ballots under extended deadlines is taking more time."

Secretary of State spokeswoman Jennifer A. Russell said in an email to KABC, "We told everyone early on that results would take at least ten days."

Arizona — 11 electoral votes

● Biden leads by 30,000 votes

● Trump ate into Biden's lead when the state updated its totals Friday evening. There are still 173,000 ballots remaining to be counted, including 47,000 provisional ballots.

Officials expect to put out another batch of vote counts by 11 a.m. ET.

North Carolina — 15 electoral votes

● Trump leads by 76,000 votes.

● Though it seems unlikely that Biden can overtake Trump's significant lead in North Carolina, the state remains too close to call because, according to WSOC-TV, the state is still receiving ballots. In fact, the state has said it will process and count votes delivered by mail through Nov. 12, as long as they were postmarked by Nov. 4.

Counties have until Nov. 13 to finish counting.

Alaska — 3 electoral votes

● Trump leads by 54,000

● Here's another state where it seems unlikely Biden can make up the difference. But so far, only about 47% of the vote has been counted. The state's system does not allow officials to begin counting absentee ballots or in-person early votes until Nov. 10, Forbes said. The makes Alaska the last state in the union to county absentee ballots.

According to Forbes, "Mail-in ballots in Alaska must be postmarked by Election Day, but must be received by Nov. 13 for voters within the U.S., or by Nov. 18 for voters outside the U.S., and the vote count must be completed by Nov. 18."

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