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Trump-hating writer Touré wishes 'excruciating' pain on Trump voters for siding with 'cult leader' — and is mercilessly mowed down for it

 Among the millions of Americans who hate President Donald Trump is veteran writer Touré, who made a name for himself back in the day writing for Rolling Stone. (No surprise, right?)

And as rumblings rolled across the land Thursday that Democratic nominee Joe Biden was on the brink of defeating Trump in the 2020 election, Touré went out of his way to deliver a message to fellow Americans who voted for the president.

His Twitter missive was not kind. Not in the least:

"If you're a Trumper I hope the pain and anxiety you feel now is excruciating," he wrote. "You voted against America and for a cult leader who has no redeeming or admirable qualities. He's a cretin who cares nothing about this country and you don't either. You deserve all the pain and more."

Makes you feel all kinds of warm and fuzzy inside, doesn't it?

Well, Touré — who has amassed over 222,000 Twitter followers — couldn't have expected that his declaration would be devoid of pushback, right? Indeed, it wasn't.

How did folks respond?

Lots of commenters raked Touré over the coals for his downright nasty post.

Pundit Andrew Sullivan — no Trump apologist by any stretch — reacted by saying, "Some of the woke are so foul, vengeful, and bitter. What a graceless response."

Christopher F. Rufo — who's been reporting about government-sponsored far-left programs to combat "whiteness" — told Touré the potentially hard-to-swallow truth: "Most Trump voters will be momentarily disappointed, then go back to work, family, community — where they draw their primary meaning in life. I can say this for sure: you won't see any Trump voters screaming into the sky or calling in trauma counselors to the office."

Others added the following:

  • "Most Trump voters don't have time to get as upset as you want," one commenter said. "Ya know those pesky things like work, raising a family and being a productive member of society get in the way."
  • "Oddly enough, I feel fine," another commenter replied, after which another user reacted by saying, "I feel fine too! Funny how easy that is when you don't worship the government like it's a god. The left is even miserable when they win."
  • "So much for that coming together stuff y'all Democrats been lecturing everybody about," another commenter noted, after which another user said, "Correct. I have no desire to come together with people who don't recognize basic human rights."
  • "Ladies and gentlemen, this right here is why a Trump won in the first place," another observer said. "The bitter ugliness that just oozes from the left — the contempt they feel for others who think or vote differently than they do, the people who believe they are morally superior. We won't forget, sir."

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