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Report: NYC Has Freed Thousands Of Gun Suspects This Year, Nearly 90% Of Those Arrested

New York City has released almost all its inmates arrested on gun charges this year, which police say has led to the city’s soaring rates of gun crime.

Of 3,793 people arrested and charged with gun-related offenses between Jan. 1 and Nov. 30, 3,345, or 88% of those arrested, have been set loose, according to New York City Police Department data reviewed by The New York Post. Police told the Post that about 450 of all those arrested on vgun crimes this year remain locked up.Near the start of the breakout of the pandemic, New York City’s top prosecutors signed a joint letter to Mayor Bill de Blasio and the city’s Department of Correction commissioner, Cynthia Brann, warning that proposed pandemic protections for inmates would result in the release of “high risk” criminals. As The Daily Wire reported:

“We fully appreciate the unique risks that the COVID-19 virus poses in our jails,” the prosecutors wrote. “At the same time, we want to make clear that the categories of those proposed for release have, in some instances, included individuals who pose a high risk to public safety.”

The prosecutors said that the mayor and Correction commissioner are overseeing a “haphazard process” that could result in numerous, violent criminals being released from jail, risking the safety of the public and the criminals’ past victims, especially. The prosecutors also said that their previous warnings about the situation had been ignored.

“We have communicated our concerns, but these concerns have not always been heeded. As an example, when we learned last week that the Commissioner of Corrections was about to use her authority to order an across-the-board release of hundreds of inmates serving city sentences, we were assured that the release would not include those serving time for domestic violence or sex offenses, given the risks to victims,” the letter said. “Unfortunately, we later learned that such individuals were indeed included in the ranks of those to be released.”

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