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Rush Limbaugh Urges Americans To Reject Joe Biden’s Negative Message: ‘The Last Thing I Would Say’

Rush Limbaugh Urges Americans To Reject Joe Biden’s Negative Message: ‘The Last Thing I Would Say’


Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh urged Americans during his final broadcast of 2020 on Wednesday to reject Democrat Joe Biden’s negative outlook for America when it comes to the future of the pandemic in the country.

The remarks come as Limbaugh continues to battle a terminal lung cancer diagnosis, something he revealed that he had back in February.“When this kind of thing befalls you, it’s hard not to become self-focused,” Limbaugh said. “It’s hard to not just think of yourself, and it’s hard to think that everybody’s gonna drop what they’re doing and deal with me, with you. You have to guard against that because, to the family, this is as disrupting, it’s as upsetting as it is to me and in some cases even more so.”

“So you can’t — I can’t — be self-absorbed about it when that is the tendency when you are told that you’ve got a due date, you have an expiration date,” he continued. “A lot of people never get told that, and so they don’t face life this way. This is not a complaint. I’m simply… This is why I say, there’s so much I want to say today and so much I want to say well, so much I want to say exactly as I’m feeling it, because my point in all of this today is gratitude.”

Limbaugh praised those who had helped him through the years and with his recent diagnosis, saying that it was incredibly gratifying to learn “what love really is during” his battle with cancer.

“It’s not embarrassing. It’s just gratifying, and it has helped me to see so much so clearly about the goodness of people and their decency,” he continued. “And it’s confirmed so much of my instinctive beliefs about people. For example, the alleged president-elect, Joe Biden, holiday message: ‘Our darkest days are ahead of us.’ Well, for some of us that’s absolutely true.”

“But, folks, I have to tell you, if I were president-elect of the country, it’s the last thing I would say,” he continued. “Even if I believed it, I doubt that I would put it this way. But I don’t believe this anyway. Our darkest days are ahead of us? What a bleak way of looking at things. This is during a press briefing yesterday. He said, ‘The worst is yet to come in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic,’ which is weird, given that Biden has repeatedly claimed that it’s Trump who’s killing Americans with COVID.”

“Trump’s gonna be gone soon, so why are our darkest days ahead of us when Trump is leaving?” he continued. “If Trump’s responsible for all of this? But my point is, yeah, the virus is what it is, but we adapt. I talked about this yesterday. We Americans have adapted to our problems. We’ve adapted to changing evolutionary things in our lives, in our country because of our freedom.”

Limbaugh noted that America’s freedom has allowed people to adapt to struggles and that when it comes to facing disasters, Americans have consistently found ways “to avoid it, to beat it back, to overcome it, but we don’t just sit there and accept it.”

“And, as such, we don’t just resign ourselves to the fact that they’re living in the darkest days because we, at least to this point, still have the greatest degree of freedom of any people on earth,” he concluded. “Now, it’s under assault and under attack and we all know this. But I don’t believe our darkest days are ahead of us. I never have. People have been asking, ‘You’ve always told us you’d tell us when it’s time to panic. Is it time?’ It’s never time to panic, folks. It’s never, ever gonna be time to give up on our country. It will never be time to give up on the United States. It will never be time to give up on yourself. Trust me.”

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