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Another California official gets caught tossing a party while everyone else is forced to lockdown

 Another California government official is being called a hypocrite over a wedding party at her house in August during a surge in the coronavirus cases.

Contra Costa County District Attorney Diana Becton revealed on Facebook that she had invited guests for the party but claimed that she followed all social distancing guidelines, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

"I ensured all my guests had their temperature taken before entering the backyard, everyone wore masks, and were socially distanced throughout the ceremony," she said.

Becton also claimed that she wasn't aware of a surge in the coronavirus cases at the same time as her party.

"I don't know what the surge was at that time. Nobody in our event got COVID-19," Becton said. "I really thought I was in that arena of a cultural ceremony, so those were the guidelines that I was following."

The Chronicle reported that the California Department of Public Health banned gatherings that brought together people from different households.

The party included between 25 and 30 family members, according to Becton's account.

One of Becton's neighbors told the Chronicle that she was "aghast" that Becton had a party at her home during the pandemic.

Karyl Toms, a retiree, said she didn't know Becton personally but grew angry when she found out her neighbor was a district attorney.

"That's when I got really upset," Toms said. "No surprise here, the poor suckers are locked down and people who have power get to do what they want. What, rules pertain to me?"

Others compared the incident to that of California Gov. Gavin Newsom, who was caught attending a dinner party at a ritzy restaurant while ignoring social distancing rules.

"During this period, the state and bay [area] counties have fined and persecuted businesses, have forcibly shut houses of worship, threatened food kitchens in gurdwaras and other charitable institutions, but Diana Becton can have a party because her culture demands it? Unbelievable," responded Harmeet Dhillon, a former California GOP official.

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