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Longtime CNN exec has advice for Brian Stelter and his left-wing 'Reliable Sources' show: Book some conservative guests

 There's an old adage: Don't ask questions you don't want answers to.

It is one with which CNN left-wing media critic and show host Brian Stelter is apparently unfamiliar .

Stelter has enjoyed spreading anti-conservative viewpoints — especially attacks on right-leaning media — from his perch at the liberal progressive cable network.

So imagine the "Reliable Sources" host's surprise when a longtime CNN executive told Stelter that the way to make the Sunday show better is not to continue focusing on pushing liberalism but to get more conservative voices on the show.

What happened?

Stelter is known as a left-wing host whose biases show through regularly, and he uses his long-running "Reliable Sources" Sunday show to perpetuate his worldview and trash conservatives — both in the media and in politics. For example:

  • Just this week, he called for "liar" — and CNN competitor — Fox News' reach to be reduced, while claiming he wasn't calling for censorship.
  • Last fall, Stelter took a verbal beating for dismissing the Hunter Biden scandal as "unvetted" while having made his bones pushing the debunked claims of "collusion" between former President Donald Trump and Russia.
  • When his fellow leftist CNN analyst Jeffrey Toobin was ousted just before the the 2020 election for masturbating during a video conference, Stelter lamented the network's decision, crying that Toobin had been "sidelined at a pivotal moment." That did not turn out well for Stelter.
  • Over the summer, when conservatives pointed out that the liberal media — including Stelter's own network — were urging then-candidate Joe Biden not to debate President Donald Trump, Stelter claimed it was just a "right-wing media tempest" and not an idea pushed by Biden-friendly outlets.

Being surrounded by like-minded people at CNN, he likely did not expect to get a lesson on responsible journalism from one of the network's best known and most respected higher-ups.

On the most recent episode of "Reliable Sources," Stelter interviewed Rick Davis, CNN's longest-serving executive and the founding executive producer of Stelter's show about Davis' upcoming retirement, long career, and life at CNN.

During the interview, Stelter pressed Davis for advice on how "Reliable Sources" could improve. The media veteran had some likely hard-to-swallow advice for his questioner.

"I think you need to strive to have more voices on the show from right-of-center — responsible voices from right-of-center — on the show," Davis told Stelter.

"And occasionally, when you can, you want to have some newsmakers on who can express to you how they feel about the media, particularly if they feel like the media got it wrong. And let them talk about it," he added.

With little more than a "hmm" and a nod, Stelter promptly moved past Davis' advice and went back to telling the CNN executive how great he is.

Fox News, Stelter's favorite target, reported that CNN did not respond to comment when asked if "Reliable Sources" would take Davis' advice to heart and actually get more conservative guests.

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