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PA man critically injures cop and then kills himself after kidnapping 14-year-old he had met online, police say

Police say a Pennsylvania man shot and killed himself after he was chased by cops because he allegedly kidnapped a 14-year-old girl he had met online. They later found that he had been talking to 10 other underage children.

The shocking incident unfolded on Saturday in Lonoke, Arkansas, when two police officers spotted an SUV at a McDonald's that matched the description of a vehicle used in an abduction.

Nine days previous and 800 miles away in Denton, North Carolina, the girl had been abducted by 38-year-old William Ice, according to the Davidson County Sheriff's Office. They allege that Ice had been communicating with the underage girl on the internet.

KLRT-TV reported that the girl had been communicating with Ice via a school-issued computer.

When police saw two people get into the vehicle at the McDonald's, they ordered the driver to leave the SUV.

Instead, Ice "aimed a gun at one of the officers and began shooting, critically wounding the officer," police said.

The officer was had not been shot was able to fire back, but Ice took off in the SUV with the girl. An Arkansas state trooper was able to chase Ice before he ran his vehicle into a snow bank.

The girl was able to escape after the crash and police say they found Ice had been injured from what appeared to be a self-inflicted wound. He later died at a hospital.

When police searched Ice's home, they said that they discovered the names and addresses of many more underage girls he had been communicating with in Alamance County, North Carolina.

"Upon interviewing these individuals and also seizing their school computers, we found ... a total of 10 juveniles that had contact with Mr. Ice," said Alamance County Sheriff Terry Johnson.

Police say Ice had been wanted by police in Pennsylvania in relation to other child predator cases.

The kidnapped girl was returned to her family in North Carolina.

The officer who was injured was identified as Lonoke police officer Cody Carpenter. He was hospitalized in stable condition despite being shot several times. He is expected to fully recover.

KLRT also reported that the part of the highway where police encountered Ice was one known for incidents of human trafficking.

Here's a local news report about the harrowing incident:


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