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WATCH LIVE: Day four of President Trump's second impeachment trial. Team Trump gets its shot to counter Dems' claims.

 The Senate is scheduled to begin day four of the impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump at noon ET Friday.

You can watch the proceedings below live the minute they begin.

The House impeachment managers wrapped up their two days of arguments Thursday afternoon, and now it's the Trump team's turn to counter the Democrats' claims.

The defense has up to 16 hours to present its case and could take up to two days to shoot down the presentations made by the House managers. However, Trump's lawyers have indicated that they plan to keep it short. One of the attorneys, David Schoen, said Thursday that the team might use only three or four hours, the New York Times reported.

The impeachment managers spent their time Wednesday and Thursday sharing footage of the Jan. 6 Capitol riots interspersed with clips from President Trump's speeches and tweets in the weeks and months leading up to the deadly event. As they closed their case, the prosecutors indicated they did not plan to call witnesses.

The defense team has repeatedly claimed that the entire process of trying a former president is unconstitutional, but the Senate has twice shot down efforts to stop the trial on constitutional grounds. That claim may continue to be central to the defense's case during Friday's session.

Trump's attorneys have also indicated in interviews and other statements that the president's statements expressing frustration and doubts about the integrity of the 2020 election are opinions that are covered by First Amendment free speech protections.

Should the defense wind up its presentation in just a few hours and not call witnesses, it's possible the Senate could begin its four hours of questions for both sides late Friday.

A vote on conviction could happen as early as Saturday.

Watch day four of the impeachment trial:

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