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Germany Will Give Extra Funds To Organization To Help Holocaust Survivors Get Vaccinated

Germany Will Give Extra Funds To Organization To Help Holocaust Survivors Get Vaccinated

Germany will provide additional funding to an organization in order to help Holocaust survivors receive vaccinations against COVID-19.

As reported by The Associated Press, the country has signed on to give millions of dollars in order to aid efforts to make sure that Holocaust survivors can receive the vaccines. The Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany is based out of New York and is an organization that works to help victims of the Holocaust.AP reports, “While many of the 340,000 living survivors around the world have been vaccinated, thousands still are awaiting their shots after encountering difficulties with transportation to vaccination centers, the logistics of organizing an appointment or other problems, said Greg Schneider, executive vice president of the New York-based Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany.”

Schneider told the AP that the Claims Conference held conversations with Germany, and the country agreed to give an extra $13.5 million in order to combat obstacles to getting the survivors vaccinated.

Due to the ages of Holocaust survivors, they are at a much higher risk of dying from COVID-19 if they become infected with the virus. Many of them also have other serious medical conditions due to malnutrition in early childhood and abuse from the Nazis during World War II, the outlet states.“It’s generally the most vulnerable ones who have the least access, the least family support. These are the ones who have the potential to be left behind,” Schneider said in a phone interview as reported by the AP.

In a press release regarding the agreement, Gideon Taylor, President of the Claims Conference, said, “Many Holocaust survivors are vulnerable, and many are homebound. Getting a vaccine can be a scary step for a Holocaust survivor. Often, they need help getting through the process. Sometimes it is about holding their hands – figuratively and also literally. It is about survivors knowing that they are not alone.”

The Claims Conference will use its database in order to ask Holocaust survivors whether or not they desire to receive the vaccines. They will also be asked if they have questions about the shots and inquire as to what help they might require.

Claims Conference Special Negotiator Ambassador Stuart Eizenstat led the negotiations with the German government. Eizenstat stated, “This added support from the German government will expand our efforts to over forty countries in which Holocaust survivors live. Once national governments make vaccines available, we will be there to ensure that every survivor knows their options, has access to vaccines and does not feel abandoned. We are very appreciative that the German government responded to our request for support for this essential funding in such a positive way.”

The Claims Conference’s website states that negotiations with Germany are ongoing regarding compensation for Holocaust victims.

We continuously negotiate with the government of Germany for payments to Holocaust victims and for homecare funding for elderly survivors. We have created and expanded numerous programs to recognize the suffering of Holocaust victims, who each have a unique story of persecution and survival. We also negotiate with the government of Austria.

The Claims Conference also says that it gives out hundreds of millions of dollars each year “in direct payments from Germany to tens of thousands of Holocaust victims in 80 countries and territories.”

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