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Man Charged With Assault For Blowing On Two Activists Outside Trump National Golf Club Settles Case

Man Charged With Assault For Blowing On Two Activists Outside Trump National Golf Club Settles Case


A man charged with assault after he was caught on video “forcefully exhaling” on two women outside former President Donald Trump’s Virginia golf course has settled his case.

Raymond Deskins, 61, of Sterling, donated $3,000 to the Loudoun County branch of the NAACP through his lawyer.Michelle Thomas, president of the branch, said the donation will help provide scholarships to a graduating senior at each the 17 high schools in Loudoun, according to The Loudoun Times. “Helping kids achieve their college dreams is a great way to respond to bad with good.”

Last November, Deskins was charged with misdemeanor assault after a citizen obtained a warrant through a county magistrate, The Associated Press reported, adding that he was seen “forcefully exhaling” on the women.

Videos that went viral on social media showed Deskins blowing air on two women after one of them asks him to move farther away because he was not wearing a mask.

“That’s assault,” one of the women said after Deskins blows on them.

“I breathed on you,” said Deskins, who was wearing a Trump “Make America Great Again” shirt and had an inflatable pool toy with Trump’s likeness around his waist. “Yeah, call the cops and ask them to come get me.”

Virginia regulations at the time required residents to wear masks in stores and other indoor locations, but not outdoors.

The incident happened outside Trump National Golf Club, where the president was playing golf. Supporters and protesters often gathered near the club entrance to cheer or jeer Trump.

“Several members of the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors sent a letter to law enforcement authorities Sunday asking for a full investigation,” the AP reported. “The letter said the two women had been protesting the president outside the golf club.”

The county sheriff’s office said it conducted an investigation at the scene but, because it was not witnessed by law enforcement, advised the two women that they could seek a warrant through a county magistrate.

But others gave first-hand reports of the incident. “An anti-Trump demonstrator who was there, Kathy Beynette, told CBS News Deskins crossed the street to where the Trump protesters were gathered while both groups waited for the president to arrive,” CBS reported.

Journalist George Condon of the National Journal was a “pool” reporter for the day and traveled with Trump to the golf club.

“Arrived at Trump National Golf Club at 10:29. Uneventful drive,” he wrote in a pool report. “One man with a large Biden banner as the motorcade crossed the Potomac. A smaller crowd outside the entrance to the club than was the case last weekend. Some trump flags and a sign wanting Four More Years. Another sign: President Trump, Need a Fourth?”

“Not so supportive were other signs: ‘trump haiku
trump will not be here
to murder our grandchildren.
This makes me happy’

“Also sign with the drawing of a piece of toast. ‘Face it. You’re Toast,” Condon wrote.

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