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Meghan McCain Responds To Biden’s ‘Neanderthal’ Comment; Media Calls It A ‘Melt-Down’

Meghan McCain Responds To Biden’s ‘Neanderthal’ Comment; Media Calls It A ‘Melt-Down’


On Friday’s episode of “The View,” the co-hosts discussed Republicans’ outrage over being called “neanderthals” by President Joe Biden. Co-host Meghan McCain responded to the discussion, calling out media hypocrisy and defending Republicans who feel as if they are mocked by the Left.

The Daily Wire reported on Wednesday:Democrat President Joe Biden mocked Texas and Mississippi on Wednesday over the two states announcing that they were fully reopening their economies and lifting mandatory mask mandates.

“I think it’s a big mistake,” Biden said in a response to a question about the two states. “Look, I hope everybody’s realized by now these masks make a difference. We are on the cusp of being able to fundamentally change the nature of this disease because of the way in which we’re able to get vaccines in people’s arms. We’ve been able to move that all the way up to the end of May to have enough for every American, to get every adult American to get a shot.”

“The last thing, the last thing we need is Neanderthal thinking that in mean time everything’s fine, take off your mask,” Biden continued. “Forget it. It’s still matters. … And it’s critical — critical, critical, critical — that they follow the science. Wash your hands, hot water, do it frequently. Wear a mask and stay socially distanced. And I know you all know that; I wish the heck some of our elected officials knew it.”

On “The View,” co-host Joy Behar asked McCain about Republicans’ response to the negative language by Biden, saying, “Is this manufactured outrage or is this a real problem?”

McCain responded, “You know, I actually don’t think this is manufactured. I think, unfortunately, the problem is, if you’re President Biden, you have said that this is going to be, ‘the soul of the nation is gonna come back, we’re gonna have a complete and utter paradigm shift, angels are gonna come down from the sky, and there’s going to be nothing but unity in the country.'”

McCain compared the wording to Hillary Clinton’s “deplorable comment,” saying that it “really did end up hurting her” when she talked about Republicans in a derogatory way during her 2016 presidential campaign.

McCain told the other co-hosts, “You guys can laugh and say, ‘Oh, it’s a joke, whatever,’ but Republicans across the country already feel like people on the Left think they’re dumb rednecks, they’re just stupid ‘deplorables in baskets,’ nobody cares with their trucks and their flags. That’s what Republicans think the media thinks of them, so I was actually surprised to hear him throw around that language.”

McCain went on to say that the president has “much bigger problems right now,” mainly pointing to the reality that he hasn’t done a press conference yet. She said, “He’s actually the first president in a hundred years not to do a press conference in the … first hundred days … Obama did in the first twenty days and President Trump did it in 27 days.”

She added that when White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki is “blowing off Republican questions and Republican talking points, all it does is … help Republicans be more tribal and think that we’re just ‘deplorable neanderthals,’ the Left has no place for us, so there’s no unity whatsoever, and I think it’s really unfortunate. I don’t like it at all.”

McCain also pointed out how the media is hypocritical in its coverage of Trump’s commentary versus Biden’s language.

McCain’s comments received backlash from media outlets, calling her reaction a “melt down,” even though her response was measured and considerate toward the people in the middle of the country who she describes as feeling stereotyped by members of the Left.

McCain’s father, late veteran hero and Senator John McCain, was friends with President Joe Biden for decades. Meghan McCain has spoken about the president helping her through her grieving process after her father passed away.

Watch the full exchange here.

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