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'Don't you dare start this s**t!': Lone man furiously stands up to mob of left-wing militants gathered in front of police in Brooklyn Center

'Don't you dare start this s**t!': Lone man furiously stands up to mob of left-wing militants gathered in front of police in Brooklyn Center

 A lone man was caught on video furiously confronting a large group of left-wing militants gathered in front of police Wednesday night in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, where protests and riots have ensued nightly since the police-involved fatal shooting of Daunte Wright over the weekend.

What are the details?

Independent journalist Brendan Gutenschwager posted the clip on Twitter and said the man "briefly tried taming the line of umbrellas" and stood "between them and police" and was "discouraging agitation" of officers.

It isn't clear who the man is or exactly why he's angry at the militants, but leftist protesters toting their umbrellas to hide their identities have long inflicted violence upon others in the streets and damaged and destroyed property.

"Don't you dare start this s**t!" he yelled at the group, grabbing one of the umbrellas and pointing his finger through the opening. "Not here tonight! Not here tonight!"

At one point the man's body shook as he clenched his fists and jumped in place while screaming at the mob:

Image source: Twitter video screenshot via @BGOnTheScene

One of the militants hollered back at the man that "they're the ones that are starting that s**t!" presumably in reference to police. Another militant who sounded like a female yelled at the man, "Yo! Get the f*** outta here!"

Another militant questioned why the group should be "peaceful" and then screamed at police, "There's no such thing as f***ing peaceful! You f***ing killed from the beginning, bro! F*** you!"

The man began trying to engage the latter militant when the clip ended.

Content warning: Language:

How did folks react?

Some commenters reacting to the clip didn't like the man's stance ("a false preacher preaching lies"), while others expressed support for his actions and contempt for the militants:

  • "That guy is brave as s**t," one commenter noted.
  • "White Antifa [millennials] can't stand a black man talking back," one user declared.
  • "Brooklyn Center population 30K plus. Where's the other 29,999 to stand with this man," another commenter wrote. "I believe you have these idiots outnumbered folks!"
  • "Bless that man trying to defuse all of those angry protesters from the police," another user said. "Wished they would listen to him."
  • "Can't help but notice the white voices screaming at him," another commenter observed. "I think for some it's a sport, sadly, which is not what it should be about."
  • "Telling a black man 'Yo, get the f*** out of here' for those that are there in support of Black Lives Matter," another user noticed. "What a world we live in."
  • "After the dust has settled, these Antifa clowns will be back in Seattle or Portland, [and] this man will be in Minneapolis cleaning up the mess these pricks left," another user opined. "All for the sake of racial justice."

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