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Suspect arrested in road rage killing of mother of six

 A suspect has been arrested in the road rage murder of a mother of six who was shot to death while on her way to the beach with her husband to celebrate their anniversary.

What are the details?

On March 25, Pennsylvania couple Ryan and Julie Eberly were driving on Interstate 95 in Lumberton, North Carolina, headed for a getaway to celebrate their anniversary when Mr. Eberly — who was driving — accidently came close to another vehicle while merging into another lane, authorities say.

According to the Robeson County Sheriff's Office, "the suspect [in the other vehicle] rolled down his window and fired multiple shots into the passenger door, one of which struck Julie Eberly."

"Some guy's just shot into my car and my wife's hit!" Ryan says in his 911 call after the incident.

He described the incident to WGAL-TV later, saying, "I didn't see that he was going to drive around me and I pushed him into the shoulder mistakenly. As soon as I was able, I gave him room to get back on the highway."

"I saw in my mirror that he was passing us to the right and gunshots were fired," Ryan continued. "Our car was hit. My wife yelled my name. I asked if she was hit and she said, 'yes.'"

Julie was rushed to a hospital, where she later died from her injuries.

"I lost my friend, I lost my soul mate," Ryan told Inside Edition in describing his mourning over the loss of his wife of seven years.

The tragedy sparked a manhunt in the North Carolina community, leading to suspect Dejywan Floyd, 29, being arrested Thursday — the same day as Julie's funeral.

Sheriff Burnis Wilkins told WNCN-TV that thanks to several tips and ample surveillance footage from businesses and elsewhere, investigators were able to identify Floyd as the alleged killer.

When asked to describe Floyd's reaction to being arrested at his home, Wilkins recalled, "It was just like it was another day."

Floyd had a lengthy rap sheet prior to the first degree murder charge he received following his arrest, with several prior felonies including one for "shooting into a home that had people inside," WNCN reported.

Floyd is being held without bond. The person whose tip led to his arrest will be collecting the $20,000 reward that had been offered.

"From day one cooperating witnesses have helped solve this case," Wilkins said. "I would just like to thank the community for coming together and assisting with this."

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