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WATCH: The Border Crisis Is Even Worse Than You Think

WATCH: The Border Crisis Is Even Worse Than You Think


Biden and the Democrats want America to believe that there is nothing dangerous about thousands of migrants crossing our border. We’ve seen what Border Patrol agents described as the most chaotic months they’ve ever experienced, bringing the system — and many of them personally — to the breaking point.

The Biden administration has dubbed the border a “challenge” and refuses to call it what it is — a crisis. 


We witnessed firsthand the influx of migrants in the area. Children are being ferried over by human traffickers on rafts in the dead of night. Migrants, many of them teens and younger, are packed together behind metal fences, waiting to be relocated to detention centers. Human traffickers cross back and forth over the border with relative ease. 

The border wall is not finished and remains partially open for migrants to traverse easily. 

In March, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) encountered more than 172,000 migrants attempting to come into the United States, which is the largest increase in illegal crossings in two decades. 

Border Patrol agents we spoke with at length told The Daily Wire that the surge in migration began on January 20 — the day President Joe Biden was inaugurated.

People on the ground at the border confirmed to The Daily Wire that hundreds of migrants are being stuffed into holding facilities meant for only a few dozen people. A massive tent city in Donna, Texas, houses thousands upon thousands of migrants. The facility is booming with activity and plans are in the works to expand the tent city even more. 

After the Obama-Biden administration’s public relations disaster in 2014 with the images of “kids in cages,” the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) had to find a new way to detain migrants. Now, instead of fences, plastic sheets divide the massive groups. The spaces are so tight that migrants have to take turns sleeping because there isn’t enough room for everyone to lie down. 

For years, Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris decried Trump’s immigration policies and sounded the alarm over “kids in cages.” Now, they tell us a humanitarian crisis is just a “challenge,” and that thousands of children suffering in jam-packed facilities are not even worth visiting in person.

It’s been nearly three months, yet Biden and Harris have refused to go see the chaos and suffering that their administration’s policies are creating. 

The Biden administration secretly admits that the crisis at the border is growing worse every day, but they don’t want anyone to know what they really think. A recent report revealed a desperate administration even trying to coax federal employees to come help with the “challenge” at the border in exchange for four months paid leave. 

Border agents tell The Daily Wire that these employees, who have no training in border security or immigration processing, would not be helpful. Instead, they request that Biden focus on allowing deportations and expanding the wall. 

The Mexican cartels that control the border know all about our country’s catch-and-release policy. They divide their customers into two groups. Group one is everyone seeking asylum. Most fall into this camp whether they have a legitimate claim or not. 

Border Patrol agents have to process each one of the thousands and thousands of migrants who claim asylum. While they’re busy with paperwork, their attention is taken away from the border. 

The second group includes known criminals, drug runners, and would-be terrorists who need to evade border patrol. This creates security gaps that criminals can slip through undetected.

Over the course of multiple days at the border, The Daily Wire saw several migrants nearly slip past Border Patrol as they were processing hundreds who had already turned themselves in. 

The banks of the Rio Grande River are littered with hundreds of wrist bands, which are given to migrants by coyotes to show that they’ve handed over enough money to be smuggled across the border. The going price for one ticket to cross is about $9,000.

“Nothing to see here.” That’s the message from the Democrats and the Biden administration. 

For those of us that have actually been to the border, it’s a different story. 

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