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Feminist Jill Filipovic On Mother’s Day: I Want To Hear More Men And Women Who ‘Regret Having Children At All’

Feminist Jill Filipovic On Mother’s Day: I Want To Hear More Men And Women Who ‘Regret Having Children At All’


Feminist Jill Filipovic commemorated Mother’s Day by calling for more op-eds from mothers and fathers who “regret having children at all.”“I would really love to read more essays and op/eds from women (and men, too) who regret having children as early as they did, regret having as many as they did, or regret having children at all. There’s not much about motherhood that remains publicly unexplored, but that does,” she tweeted.

“Well the total meltdown in response to ‘it would be good to talk more about a real but extremely taboo part of adult life’ pretty well illustrates why virtually no one talks about it. But it is wild to see such insane reactions to ‘hey maybe we should talk about this,'” she later added. “‘Women should stay silent about their complicated experience’ is certainly a view, but probably not one YOU should expect a feminist writer to have

Filipovic’s post received plenty of supportive responses.

“I chose not to have children and best decision ever,” one user said. “I am a hs counselor and have a degree in child development. Love my students, but know I like to be lazy and raising kids=hard work. People need to know themselves better before they bring kids into the world.”

“For everyone responding to this by saying but it’s harmful to the kids to find out later in life that their mother regretted having children, do you actually think they won’t already know? Kids are traumatized by compulsory motherhood, and that’s precisely why we must discuss it,” said Stefanie Irene Weiss.

“I have daughters so I’ve been pretty honest with them. I’ve encouraged them not to have children. They know I love them, but they also know that motherhood in our country is a prison sentence,” said another user.

“This remains such a societal taboo that it’s hard to know how many women regret having kids. I believe it’s a tiny number bc we’re wired to love our kids so absolutely, but maybe I’m wrong. I do think it’s disingenuous to pretend kids don’t set most women back professionally,” tweeted Megan Stack.

Others were not so supportive.

“There’s no virtue in regretting a human life coming into existence. This form of feminism seems more about self hatred than about being a mother. it’s interesting how the more conversations feminists have, the more miserable they become,” tweeted Tarah Price.

“I have a lot to say but won’t save for this: Jill I wish you happiness and good health, and I hope one day you find peace with your decision not to have kids, bc as a parent, I can tell you I am truly happy to be a dad,” tweeted Naveed Jamali..”

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