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Horowitz: Police now enforcing rather than dismantling violent BLM roadblocks

 Perhaps it's time we advocate for the police to be fully abolished after all.

Once upon a time, we conservatives would have responded to such a proposition by warning about anarchy on the streets, with citizens being attacked randomly by violent criminals and mobs. But now, we are suffering an even worse fate with police officially on duty. Our citizens are being attacked with impunity by Black Lives Matter rioters while driving in random places, including residential neighborhoods. Not only are the police nowhere to be seen in deterring and punishing those who attack motorists, they are actually protecting the illegal checkpoints set up by BLM and targeting those who defend themselves.

If this is the world we now live in, why not abolish the police for real so we can defend ourselves amid the anarchy? At this point, the only function the police are serving is to protect the murderous thugs from peaceful citizens. Joe Hall, a former Marine, learned this lesson the hard way when he was on his way home in a Portland neighborhood and had his path blocked by violent BLM protests. This could have happened to anyone and will continue to victimize innocent Americans, especially if they have conservative bumper stickers on their cars.

Hall was surrounded by a mob of people with long guns, according to the firsthand account he gave to local media. He did what any citizen would do — and took out his own pistol and pointed it at the ground as a warning. However, he hesitated and did not shoot, a decision he later chalked up to fear of prosecution due to the two-tiered justice system. Consequently, he was tackled from behind, lost control of his weapon, and was severely beaten. He was left with five broken ribs, a dislocated shoulder, a broken collar bone, a collapsed lung, and a broken eye socket.

Hall's crime? He reportedly had a Trump sticker on his pickup truck, and that is a violation of the new government-sanctioned BLM street checkpoints, which deserves a beating and being called a Nazi.

As always, Portland police failed to intervene at all despite widespread reports across the city of violent blockades being set up on major roadways by Antifa and BLM, according to KPTV-TV. In an interview with radio host Lars Larson from his hospital bed, Hall said he had to call 911 himself to get an ambulance and police said they were aware of the attacks but did not come out to the scene. Not a single BLM marcher was arrested for blocking traffic, assault, or drawing weapons. "The first question out of them [police] was what did you do to agitate the crowd," said Hall in an emotional interview with Larson.

In other words, police have now become enforcers of the ultimate anarchy. This is why we have police and a government in the first place – to ensure that people enjoy the liberty to travel or walk and drive freely without being attacked. Now the only purpose police serve is to defend the attackers!

Lest you think this is limited to Portland, this is in fact happening all over the country, including in red areas like Plano, Texas. There is a viral video of a man getting out of his car after BLM rioters blocked a major roadway in Plano last week right in front of a policeman. Rather than clearing the illegal checkpoint and arresting every one of the lawbreakers, the cowardly officer donning a face mask outdoors escorted the motorist back to his car to ensure he couldn't clear the checkpoint himself.

In Stillwater, Minnesota, BLM protesters blocked one motorist from reaching his home in his own suburban neighborhood. When the motorists scuffled with the mob, the police arrested the victim and none of the mobsters. Stillwater police chief Brian Mueller told a local reporter that these people had a First Amendment right to be there, even though they were violently blocking a residential street without any prearranged permitting process with police. BLM has the right to beat, loot, and murder with impunity, but we the people have no right to life, liberty, and property, never mind self-defense.

There is an emergency for every red state legislature to immediately pass a bill protecting motorists from liability when defending themselves against the mob and creating mandatory minimums of 10 years in prison for those who attack cars on the road. Florida's Ron DeSantis recently signed a bill doing both of those things to a degree, and several states, such as Iowa and Oklahoma, passed liability protections for motorists.

The more fundamental issue, though, is that the police are not arresting those who block the intersection and are only arresting those who defend themselves. So why do we need the police?

Worse, police are now being used to enforce unconstitutional human rights violations. Garth Gaylord was arrested outside a courthouse in Boise, Idaho, for trying to enter without wearing a mask. He was charged with contempt of court because he was denied the ability to enter his own hearing unless he covered his own breathing. This violates his Fourth and Fifth Amendment rights, but the same police who are nowhere to be seen when BLM beats innocent motorists suddenly enforce these human rights violations with alacrity.Then, of course, there is the now horrific image of police in Calgary brutally arresting Pastor Artur Pawlowski for "inciting" people to attend church during lockdown.

Watching this image and observing the uncontrolled spike in violent crime, I can't help thinking that perhaps some of these police officers need some more BLM in their lives after all. Don't count on us to help you out when they come after you. We will "back the blue" when they return to backing the red, white, and blue, along with the constitutional rights represented by those colors.

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