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Man accused of 'intentionally' crashing car into police station after threating to kill an officer

 A Maryland man has been charged with attempted murder and other counts after he allegedly crashed his vehicle into a police station "intentionally" and tried to hit officers with his car after first calling to tell the department he was going to kill an officer.

What are the details?

Police in the Havre de Grace suburb of Baltimore say Timothy Joel Jackson Kahl, 24, called the department and threatened to kill an officer on Sunday, before going on a rampage with his vehicle that ended with the car smashed through the department's headquarters.

Following the threatening phone call, officers were dispatched to Kahl's residence, which is less than one mile from the station.

"When officers went to make contact with him he tried to run them over with his vehicle several times," the Havre de Grace Police Department said in a statement. "He then fled the scene and drove straight to the Havre de Grace Police Department and drove his vehicle through the front doors of the station into the lobby."

Video footage shared by WJZ-TV shows the moment the vehicle crashed through the front doors of headquarters.

At some point before driving into the station building, Kahl allegedly hit some of his neighbors' vehicles. Two of the neighbors whose property was damaged spoke with WJZ, saying they were just grateful no people were hurt in the rampage.

After ramming into the station, Kahl exited his vehicle and tried to attack officers again before he was tased, arrested, and taken to the hospital, authorities said.

The Daily Mail reported that "Kahl was charged with two counts of first-degree attempted murder, two counts of first-degree assault, reckless endangerment and three counts of malicious destruction of property with a value greater than $1,000."

The suspect's mother says he suffers from mental illness. It is unclear whether or not he sustained any injuries from Sunday's events.

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