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VIDEO: Dozens of apparent shots fired in vicinity of George Floyd Square on anniversary of namesake's death

VIDEO: Dozens of apparent shots fired in vicinity of George Floyd Square on anniversary of namesake's death

 Videos on Tuesday captured the moment that dozens of apparent shots were fired in the vicinity of George Floyd Square in Minneapolis on the anniversary of Floyd's death while in police custody.

Here's a clip from KARE-TV showing numerous people running for cover and a man yelling to "get down!":

Here's another video from a different vantage point, showing AP reporter Philip Crowther speaking on camera when the apparent shots rang out — and he reported what he heard as he headed for safety.

Content warning: Language:

Crowther on Twitter reported that he saw "one broken window, apparently from one of the shots fired. Consensus among reporters here at George Floyd Square was that we heard anywhere between a dozen and two dozen shots fired."

He added a tweet saying that a "fellow reporter just had her phone smashed because she took photos of a storefront hit by a bullet."

The New York Times reported that the mood had been somber all morning as people placed flowers and bowed their heads in front of an outline where Floyd was killed — and the serene scene was over about 10:10 a.m. "with a series of loud noises that sounded like at least 10 gunshots. One girl screamed for her mother as she ran into a corner behind portable toilets. Organizers yelled for children to run to one side."

The paper said organizers returned to the square five minutes later to attend to those who appeared panicked by the incident. Here's a police statement via the Times:

On Tuesday morning at 10:09 a.m., the Minneapolis police department responded to the 3800 block of Elliott Avenue south on a report of the sound of shots fired.

Information received from callers was that a suspect vehicle was last seen leaving the area at a high rate of speed.

A short period of time later, an individual showed up at Abbott Northwestern Hospital suffering from a gunshot wound. The victim has been transported to Hennepin County Medical Center for treatment. It is believed that the injury is non-life-threatening.

Anything else?

The autonomous zone consisting of several barricaded blocks that the city has allowed to exist has been a recent source of controversy.

Video from March showed the area being controlled by thuggish, left-wing militants. Here's a reporter's encounter with two of them.

Content warning: Language:

Last month video showed a sign posted at one of the barricaded entrances to George Floyd Square that included rules "for white people in particular."

And black-owned businesses near the square in late April were begging for financial help because they said increased crime in their neighborhood is driving their businesses into the ground.

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