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DNC chairman says Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin — whose vote is keeping Dems in power — is 'against America'

West Virginia Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin holds the Senate's balance of power in his hands. It is his vote that keeps Democrat Chuck Schumer in his role as Senate majority leader and prevents "Cocaine Mitch" McConnell from controlling the agenda in Congress' upper chamber.

But judging solely by the treatment Manchin has received from the left and his fellow Democrats — most notably from the chairman of the Democratic Party — one would be excused for believing the party doesn't know or care that it is one vote away from losing its Senate majority. Manchin's biggest crimes have been his unwillingness to bow to the far left's agenda — most recently the attempt at sweeping federal election reform known as the "For the People Act" — and his repeated refusal to kill the filibuster, which would allow Democrats to force their agenda through the Senate. His stance has garnered a lot of hate and unhinged reactions from the left.

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