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Former Fox host Juan Williams claims GOP is trying to ‘steal’ future elections

 Election security was not an issue in 2020, but it will be in 2024, according to former Fox News host Juan Williams.

The longtime Fox News senior political analyst warned in an opinion piece published by The Hill on Monday that the Republican Party is laying the groundwork to "steal an election."

"We need to talk about Jan. 6. I'm talking about Jan. 6, 2025. That's when the U.S. Congress will meet to certify the winner of the 2024 presidential election," he said. Williams announced last month that he would no longer co-host Fox News' "The Five," a daily evening news talk show, but would continue work as a political analyst for the network.

Relating the Republican Party's alleged plan to the hit crime series "How to Get Away With Murder," Williams argued that "as the 2024 race approaches, the Trump-GOP's current weekly drama is titled 'How to Get Away with Murdering Democracy.'"

In the piece, Williams argued that Republicans — many of whom alleged that the previous election was stolen by Democrats — are ironically attempting to steal the next presidential election by dismissing concerns over the Capitol riot and implementing election security laws in GOP-led state legislatures around the country.

Their three-step process goes as follows:

Step One — Don't mention Jan. 6, 2021. If it comes up, say Trump's violent radicals did not stop certification of President Biden's win over Trump. ... Next, prevent a bipartisan, independent commission from looking into the violent Republican riot. ...

Step Two — Change election laws in states with GOP-majority legislatures. New laws in Georgia, for example, take power away from independent election boards and the secretary of state to certify election results. ...

Step Three — Suppress the votes of people who are unlikely to back Republicans: young people, college-educated whites, poor people, union members, working women, Blacks, Latinos and Asians.

Republicans are taking this last step nationwide by having state legislatures weaken voting rights laws.

"Republicans' focus is solely on regaining political power. They have no agenda for helping the country. They are totally focused on Jan. 6, 2025," Williams claimed.

He argued that new voting laws, like the one passed in Georgia, give "unprecedented power to the Republican legislature to determine the winner of the 2024 election," allowing them to "override local and state election officials in certifying votes."

"In 2020, the Georgia secretary of state — a Republican, Brad Raffensperger — defied Trump's demand to 'find' enough votes to make him the winner of the presidential race. Raffensperger or his successor will not have that power come 2024," he suggested.

Williams tried diligently to portray Republican efforts to tighten election security as part of a grand plan to suppress Democratic votes and unconstitutionally transfer electoral power over to the state legislatures.

Similar slanderous attacks against the election security measures have been launched in recent months by several Democratic politicians and media figures, including President Joe Biden.

But in reality, Republican efforts to ensure election integrity are for the most part incredibly commonplace among liberal democracies and, in many cases, actually expand voting opportunities.

GOP lawmakers have expressed that far from hoping to "steal an election," they only wish to course-correct from the unprecedented relaxed voting rules which marked the pandemic-stricken 2020 election.

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