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Four women accept men's offer of ride home from a beach club. They're lucky to be alive after the men reportedly set their Jeep on fire and shoot at their beach house.

 Maryland authorities arrested two men on criminal charges after the pair offered to drive a group of women home from a beach club.Police say that the suspects reportedly followed the unnamed women home, set a vehicle on their property ablaze, and shot at the residence at least six times.

What are the details?

Authorities say that the men — identified as 33-year-old Andre J. Blakeney of Waldorf, Maryland, and 27-year-old Finis A. Miles of Clinton, Maryland — approached the women outside of Seacrets in Ocean City, Maryland, on Saturday morning.

The group of women were reportedly waiting for an Uber to pick them up and transport them to a home in which they were staying just across the state line in Fenwick Island, Delaware.

The women say that they took the ride, but began to feel uncomfortable during the six-mile drive from the club to the residence.

Master Corporal Gary Fournier of the Delaware State Police said that the women requested to get out of the vehicle before they reached their home.

"A discussion about paying for the ride ensued, and one of the victims paid the driver $35," Fournier said. "The four women then went to an undisclosed location prior to going to their house for fear they might have been followed. After feeling it was safe to go into their house, they heard someone talking outside and saw the male passenger from the vehicle walking up to the front door. Soon after, they heard some type of banging on the side of the house by an unknown object. Police later determined they were gunshots; none of the victims were injured."

The women immediately phoned authorities and reported the suspicious activity outside of the home.

When a Fenwick Island police officer arrived at the scene, he discovered a Jeep Wrangler that had reportedly been set on fire.

The Cape Gazette reports that as the officer and women put out the fire, they noticed that the home's front window was shattered and that there were bullet holes in the home's siding. Authorities also found six of what they believed to be handgun casings littered in the roadway outside of the home.

Both Blakeney and Miles will also be extradited from Maryland to face charges in Delaware for second-degree arson and second-degree conspiracy.

A neighbor told WBOC-TV that she couldn't believe no one was hurt during the early morning shooting.

"Anybody could've been hurt. It wasn't just one gunshot, it was several," the unidentified neighbor said. "It's upsetting and scary. A lot of us have bedrooms right on the street, in the forward part of the house. Anyone could've been hurt."

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