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Matt Walsh On GoFundMe Campaign To Help AOC’s Grandmother: ‘Sort Of Scandalous’ It Was Shut Down

Matt Walsh On GoFundMe Campaign To Help AOC’s Grandmother: ‘Sort Of Scandalous’ It Was Shut Down


“Thank you for giving me a chance to talk about my philanthropy which has been a big passion of mine since last week,” Walsh joked, adding, “she claimed that her grandmother has been living in this dilapidated shack, I guess for four years since the hurricane. She’s a wealthy single woman who has two apartments and a Tesla that she just recently bought, apparently.”

“She for whatever reason refused to help her grandmother so we said, ‘alright, we’ll get together and we’ll raise the money.’ We raised $100,000 in 10 hours. We probably could have raised $1 million if they let the fundraiser continue,” he continued. “But someone – ‘someone,’ big scare quotes around it – in abuela’s (grandmother’s) family shut down the fundraiser about 10 hours into it and said that she doesn’t want the money. Now this raises a lot of questions like, for example, does this mean that abuela really wasn’t in the dire straits as it was presented to us? Or would AOC prefer for her grandmother to live in that state suffering rather than to take money from us? I think either way it’s sort of scandalous on AOC’s part.”

Walsh said that he would “accept” a Nobel Prize for his efforts to save Ocasio-Cortez’s grandmother from living in poverty if someone were to nominate him.“It doesn’t mean anything anyway so you might as well give it to me,” he said of the award. Walsh also slammed Ocasio-Cortez for allowing her grandmother to live in a hurricane-torn house for four years and blaming the federal government for inaction while doing little for her grandmother herself.

“Well, it does show that actually you don’t have to wait around for the system to solve every problem. Sometimes free individuals can just get together,” Walsh said. “This is a problem that we could have solved not just for abuela but they could have taken the money, fixed the ceiling, bought her some furniture she clearly needs, and then they could have taken the rest of the money and helped the neighbors. They could have helped the whole community with these funds, but they preferred not to do that.”


Much of the aid sent to Puerto Rico through the Federal Emergency Management Agency failed to reach those impacted by the Hurricane in 2017, largely because of failures by Puerto Rico’s local government. The government has been plagued with corruption and incompetency. Last year, Puerto Rico’s head of emergency response was fired after officials found a warehouse full of supplies that was delivered but never distributed to victims of Hurricane Maria three years earlier.

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