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Fearless: Don’t blame head trauma for Richard Sherman’s meltdown; blame BLM and years of Marxist programming

Fearless: Don’t blame head trauma for Richard Sherman’s meltdown; blame BLM and years of Marxist programming

 NFL star Richard Sherman is a victim. But he's not a victim of what corporate media and social media will argue over the coming days.Sherman spent most of Wednesday and half of today sobering up and stewing inside a Seattle-area correctional facility. Police arrested the free agent cornerback on suspicion of burglary domestic violence, suspicion of resisting arrest, and malicious mischief.

Police apprehended Sherman outside his in-laws' home. He allegedly tried to break down their front door. Emergency 911 calls from Sherman's wife, Ashley; her uncle; and a construction worker paint a chilling picture of a man out of control.

I suspect over the coming days, we will read and hear speculation that CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy – head trauma) played a role in the 11-year NFL vet's meltdown. Sherman is "one of the good ones, a real credit to his race," according to Joe Biden's America.

Sherman stands for all the right things. He believes that what happened to Rev. George Floyd Luther III on the holy day of May 25, 2020, is an accurate representation of how America treats its black citizens.

On May 31 last year, as Black Lives Matter and Antifa protested the death of St. George Floyd with a nationwide looting, arson, and violence spree, Richard Sherman tossed Molotov cocktails from the comfort of his Twitter feed.

"When will the response be justice? Racism has been around forever and too many excuses have been made for it. If you are sitting by watching it and judging the reaction you are part of the problem with what is going on because you allow yourself to overlook the cause.

"My profession nor my education change the fact that I'm a black man in America and to that end I will continue to fight for equality for the people that are treated unjust in the country. And if that offends you or makes you uncomfortable then maybe we are starting to make progress."

Sherman, a multi-multimillionaire who began his journey poor in South Central Los Angeles, believes systemic racism defines his homeland far more than systemic freedom and opportunity. He is a high-profile ally in the great reset movement to dramatically change the way America and the world operate.

As best they can, corporate media will protect Sherman at all cost. At some point, the race card will likely be played in Sherman's defense.

Twitter's algorithms will promote an illogical what-about-this narrative:

"Why is the media acting like Sherman is Thad Wilson, I mean Chad Wilson, oops, I mean Chad Wheeler, or whatever his name is. You know, the white Seahawks offensive lineman who beat up his black girlfriend. The media ignored that whole thing. I mean, that's racism. Richard Sherman's wife said Richard didn't hurt nobody."

Richard Sherman is one of the most famous NFL players of all time. He's a Hall of Fame-caliber defensive back. He's charismatic and extroverted. His long dreadlocks give him a distinctive look. He's arguably one of the most easily identifiable professional athletes in America.

No one knows or cares about Chad Wheeler.

Sherman, with his play and his mouth, has demanded we take notice of him. In the coming days, it will be argued that all the attention is unfair. Already, ESPN is ignoring the details that damn Sherman.

Here's how the Worldwide Leader in Sports described Sherman's arrest:

A spokesman said "the situation between Sherman and police turned after he was informed they had probable cause to place him under arrest. At that point, he began to walk away and increased his pace, at which time the K-9 unit was deployed to aid in the arrest."

Police allege Sherman fought with them and that's why a dog was used. Anyone who has listened to the 911 calls from Sherman's wife would believe he fought with police. As of this morning, ESPN chose not to quote from Ashley Sherman's frantic 911 call.

ESPN also didn't quote from her uncle's 911 call. He said that Sherman threatened violence against his wife and cut her off in traffic.

I'm painting the picture that I have no sympathy for Sherman. I actually do. I'm not being sarcastic. He is a victim.

It's my opinion that Sherman is melting down from years of leftist programming. He was educated at Stanford University in Northern California. He spent the first seven years of his NFL career in Seattle, the home of Chaz, an Antifa stronghold. The last three years, he played in leftist Mecca San Francisco.

Sherman has been radicalized. He's far out over his intellectual skis.

We think that millionaire athletes and celebrities are living a dream life. They're not, particularly in this day and age when they are required to promote an illogical racial narrative.

Athletes are pulled in a thousand directions. At age 20 and 21, they're tasked with being the primary providers and leaders for their immediate and extended families. They don't know who they can really trust. It's all very stressful.

Sherman has cracked. It's not surprising.

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