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Joy Behar: Teens should be allowed to get COVID-19 vaccinations — even if their 'ignorant parents' don't give consent

 Joy Behar, co-host of "The View," said teenagers should be permitted to get COVID-19 vaccinations, even if their "ignorant parents" don't give consent.

What are the details?

A segment on Tuesday's program briefly focused on pediatrician Dr. Michelle Fiscus, who was fired Monday as medical director for vaccine-preventable diseases and immunization programs at the Tennessee Department of Health after facing scrutiny over her push to get teens vaccinated, NBC News reported.

Particularly at issue was the fact that Fiscus called attention to Tennessee's "Mature Minor Doctrine," a state Supreme Court case ruling that says residents 14 to 18 years old may be treated "without parental consent unless the physician believes that the minor is not sufficiently mature to make his or her own health care decisions," the network noted.

With that, co-host Whoopi Goldberg asked Behar if teens should be able to "take matters into their own hands" and get COVID-19 vaccinations, whether their parents have consented to the shots or not.

Behar was all for it.

"We like to think we're smarter than our kids, but a lot of times the kids are smarter than their parents," she said, noting times when her offspring exhibited "more sense that I had at various times in my life."

The far-left co-host then ripped attendees of "that CPAC convention" who were "applauding the fact that [President Joe] Biden is not gonna reach his vaccination goal. They're applauding the freedom to get sick and die. They're watching their parents ... behave really stupidly, in my opinion. And I think that these kids should be allowed to make their own decisions, frankly."

Behar then said "I don't wanna bring abortion into this" — and then she did just that.

"Sometimes you have young girls who are afraid to tell their parents that they're pregnant because some uncle has molested them or some horrible thing has happened to them, and they can't get permission to get an abortion," she continued. "And I think that kids, sometimes ... should have the ability to do what the science is telling them to do."

Behar, citing Fiscus, said in conclusion that the Tennessee health department "has now been instructed to stop promoting vaccines of any kind for children. I mean, 'Let's make measles great again!" you know? 'Bring back polio'? Is that what they want to do in these states? These kids are at the mercy of these ignorant parents, in my opinion, and yes, they should be allowed to [get vaccinated without parental consent]."

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